The Sims 4 - Selection of 10 Amazing Buildings!

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Joel Fulleda
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Sims fans truly have wild imaginations! We can find on the Gallery original and astonishing creations which undoubtedly required a titanic work! Here is a selection.


Flying Dream Home

This high rise house is made for Sims who don't have vertigo! She is available here.


Mega Mouser

This adorable house is made for those who adore animals! She is available here.


For children 2

To make young and old alike dream! It is by here.


Butterfly Effect

This butterfly-shaped house will give your neighborhood a modern and classy effect! You will find it here.



Here is a wonderful park for your neighborhood! Get it back here.


The Gnome's Treehouse

Fans of nature and gnomes, this house is for you! Who has never dreamed of living in a tree? Available here.


Modern Eco Zen House

Are you modern, always at the forefront of the latest fashions? The house of your dreams is available in an improved version here.


Family fun water park

This house is illuminated with dozens of colors! If you like fairy buildings, do not hesitate, it is found here.


Colorful Dream

No, you are not on another planet! It happens by here.


Future Retro

Here is a very nice mix of retro and modern decorations! This is here.


I hope you enjoyed these examples and inspire you to create your own creations!

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