SWTOR - KOTFE in master mode # 12

Attention this series of articles contains spoilers on the history of KOTFE and KOTET.

If you want to keep all the surprise on this content, stop at these lines.

With these two new recruits and the information each brought, we have the first opportunity to strike the Eternal Fleet. Arcann controls the latter by communicating via a frequency called the GEMINI frequency. We decide to send Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo Djannis to take control or destroy the transmission point. Success of this mission would result in the loss of control of the Eternal Fleet to our enemies.

Lana advises us to try to contact Valkorion to find out if he is ready to help us in this endeavor. We are therefore looking for an isolated location on Odessen. After descending into the wilds of Odessen, we find a place that seems appropriate. Valkorion reacts but refuses to help us and attacks us before moving away even further. According to him, we refuse to move forward and evolve. He therefore challenges us to face death alone.

So here we are in a valley filled with prowlers and other creatures, sometimes invisible, that will have to be killed. It's quite long and tedious but nothing harder than the many skytroopers we've grown used to in previous chapters. A little further Valkorion challenges us and we must face his spirit. He enters combat at the end of the cutscene and has very high damage. It connects several attacks that will kill you for sure. Luckily they are all channeled, but we won't be able to interrupt them normally. It will be necessary to hide behind a tree at the time of the pipe to interrupt it. No need to try the reflection, it will not work. After lowering 25% of his health points, a cutscene will be triggered.

Valkorion then takes over and explains to us that we still need to train. He then leaves us in the dark and goes to take care of "other business", thereby leaving our minds for the moment.

With that not helping us, we once again pass out and watch Vaylin renew his loyalty to Arcann. At the same time, we are transported to a refugee camp which is not unlike the ship of the Jedi Consular. Several elements recall the Jedi and Sith teachings in this camp and we end up getting our hands on a holocron of the great Jedi master Satele Shan. Surprised, she explains to us that the holocrons are accessible and within the reach of any being sensitive to the force having the capacity to influence the course of events. The presence of Valkorion allows us to access it somewhat but it goes out very quickly.

By searching the camp it quickly becomes possible to take control of a young creature who will help us as a partner. But it is at the exit of the camp that we will have our biggest surprise. Grandmaster Satele Shan is there. We understand that it has changed a lot in the face of its failures against the Zakelian invasions. She expresses herself strangely and tells us that she had to choose between eliminating us or saving us when the force brought her to us. Only the hope of seeing us repel Zakuul prevented him from doing so, the influence of Valkorion and the powers he seems to have bestowed on us make him think that our destiny is to oppose him. So we follow her in the valley to find out more.

Satele then imposes some tests on us while revealing to us some information about his past. She went to see the Eternal Throne on Zakuul for example. On zakel, as on Odessen, the force is more balanced than in the core worlds. The Knights of Zakuul learned to use force by mixing dark and light sides. This is why the current forces have failed. Faced with our refusal to become like these knights, Darth Marr appears as a ghost of strength.

Valkorion may have destroyed it, but not annihilated it. He then traveled in this form to find an ally in Satele and that is why they are there. Their knowledge can be useful to us, but it is very vague. We still have to respond to a test and locate items strewn across the valley. Vaylin is our challenge, which we cross at the bottom of a cave after having gathered the materials. It starts with an easy dodge ability: cave collapse. This places circles on the floor under our feet and then knocks the ceiling down several times. We must therefore get out of it. Then it goes on with an ability to medium damage and that we can not interrupt with our spells then on a siphon who controls us. This ability hurts especially and it is on this that we can put the reflections if they are available. You must also be careful not to leave the area where it appears, this would reset the fight.

Once this test is successful, Satele and Marr come to us again. They teach us that it was not Vaylin but a mere glimpse of the force. We must then use the elements collected to constitute a new weapon more suited to our war and our enemies. We choose to let Satele and Marr guide us (grants access to the power 10% damage absorbed and reflected) and then choose the resilience effect (grants access to life regeneration against Arcann).

A final test then awaits us in the cave of the oasis. The mother of the jurgoran we killed before entering is enraged and wants to eliminate us. We exceptionally choose the bright side and the creature goes away without a fight. In doing so, she shows us a way out of the valley and our masters are called to other places.

We therefore leave the area to return to the base of the alliance where events have evolved in our absence. Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo are undercover and the squad is surprised by Knights of Zakuul. We approve of Kaliyo's intervention despite Senya's reluctance.

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