The Sims 4 - The Series Remade By Players

On an idea of They must

For all series fans, ian8000 a member of Reddit came up with the idea of ​​recreating some characters and locations from multiple series.

Let's start of course with the most famous of all of us: Friends. Here is completely recreated Monica's apartment, Joey and Chandler's apartment, Ross's apartment, and the Central Perk.

Central Perk Joey and Chandler Apartment Monica's apartment

Monica's apartment Monica's apartment Monica's apartment

If you want even more here is the link to all the images.


Let's continue to another series: Seinfeld. We recognize the apartment of Jerry, That ofHelen is also copied according to the episodes. We even have the right to add Jacuzzi in that of Kramer (a reference to an episode), also another reference on the changing rooms of the swimming pool which are at the entrance of the building.

The personalities of these Sims are also faithful to the character of the series (Kramer set me on fire after 2 minutes of play ....). A very good job!

If you want even more, here is the link to the full images.


And finally, here is the last series, the family of Arrested Development, but which is less known as a series. It's a completely barge family, that's good for the game.

If you want even more, here is the link to the full images.


 What do you think ? Would you like other reproductions of the series or films?

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