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Today, I am offering you a new section of the Tribune, where you will be able to play a bit of video game globetrotters and share your fondest travel memories with the community.

The principle is simple: to introduce a game through landscapes, places that you have traveled and visited. If you feel like it, you can also accompany your images with a little explanatory text: why this place, its history, what you like about it.


To inaugurate this column, we welcome fallenRaziel, among other author of stories, and who gave me the idea for this column. She's going to show you some of the places she's been through in Blade & Soul.


Bamboo village

Here is the Bamboo Village, which is aptly named! This is where the journey really started. I met Namsoyoo there, a pretty bit of a girl that all the men in the village seem to adore. She showed me how to use baguas to kick the buttocks of my enemies!

There are stalls and temples here; there is the beach right next door, the sound of the waves mingles with the song of the birds, it is really very beautiful. Aaah, if I weren't a hero, I would settle down here, but fate calls me elsewhere ...


Forest of the dead

Brr ... If you're afraid of ghosts, don't hang out in the Forest of the Fallen! It is the domain of wolves and other cursed monsters. The trees look sick, but yet we feel that they must have been beautiful and healthy in the past ... It's hard to imagine that we can find sleep here, however some remain there, in well-guarded camps. I do not linger, hoping to find the sun ...


Tanjay ovens

I, who wanted the sun ... It is difficult for him to make his way through the branches of the great thousand-year-old trees which hide so many mysteries ... A strange mist hangs over everything; leprechauns and goblins roam around here, but also vile bandits not very convenient.

I looked for a little comfort and rest at the Fours de Tanjay, whose inhabitants, a little isolated, should not feel very safe ... Humf, we are suffocating a little here, even if it is not. as gloomy as the Forest of the Dead. I found myself sitting in a corner trying to discern the origin of the magic that permeates these places ...


Jaderoche village

So many lights and colors! After my trip in the dark, such a glow almost burns my eyes. The Village of Jaderoche, built on a lake, shines with a thousand lights. The trees deploy all the nuances possible and imaginable, the waterfalls leap there happily, the lake shimmers with serenity and the mountains provide just enough shade so that I do not die of heat ...

Restaurants, shops and artisans literally abound there, and very quickly I feel a little lost. I go from one building to another, without really knowing what I'm looking for, everything seems accessible. My pockets are emptying, by the gods ... I have to be careful!


So there you have it for this little tour of Blade & Soul, presented by fallenRaziel.


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