TSW - Changes to Subscriber Rewards

It is via Massively that the game director has informed that the planned changes to the subscriber system will be implemented tomorrow! Depending on your subscription length, you will earn rewards depending on the total cumulative subscription time. Namely that if you are still wondering if you are going to invest for the super Grand Master pack, you will have to decide before tomorrow because afterwards it will be too late (this pack will be permanently deleted)! Finally, concerning the veteran points, they will be kept and usable until exhaustion of the stock.

Here are the different gifts planned:

  • 30 days : unique sprint and letterman jacket in the color of the faction
  • 60 days : hoverboard and panoptic tunic in the color of the faction
  • 90 days : Familiar Draug and a second ability to access Agartha
  • 180 days - permanent portable bank and exclusive battle armor
  • 360 days : golden vespa (scooter) and steampunk weapon skins

In addition to these gifts, you will earn various bonuses during your subscriber time, allowing you to gain more experience, 50% more black ingots, reduced reload times for content (raid, dungeon, missions) and free trips. This will be added to the current bonuses (store reduction, bonus points and increase in the token maximum).

Special Valentine's Day items will also be available from tomorrow.

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