Warface - Titan: preview of the humanoid robot SED

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a little over an hour with the developers of FPS Warface, published by, with the aim of discovering the new class: the humanoid robot SED. But before getting down to business, a quick overview of the FPS. In 2019, it has more than 80 million players worldwide, offering 10 PvP modes, 11 special ops, more than 70 maps, for just over 100 weapons, all drawn from the real world. In addition to the class (which will be added in the Titan update), the end of the year promises to be busy, with events organized on the occasion of the anniversary of Warface, Halloween and Christmas. The movement and firing systems will be overhauled. Finally, on the content side, there will also be something new with an FFA card ("Red Sand" = Sable Rouge), a Jce-Arena mode and a Battle Pass.

This class was originally introduced in a mission last year and the idea has slowly caught on among developers following overwhelming positive feedback. The goal is simple: to play as Terminator. The character therefore has very resistant heavy armor, reducing movement speed compared to other classes (rebalanced by greater endurance). The robot cannot be pushed back and is quite capable of climbing over obstacles without the help of other players. Another peculiarity: it is repaired and brought back to life by the Engineer (and not by the Medic as is the case for all the others).

Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, either the KAC ChainSAW or the XM556 Microgun. It has infinite ammo, but using it for too long causes it to overheat, rendering the weapon unusable for a while. As a secondary weapon, the SED has a CZ 805 G1 grenade launcher. Projectiles have the particularity of blinding and causing area damage. During my game I mainly used the XM556, which has a higher firepower and which cools faster from what I was told (so I couldn't test the differences). The grenade launcher must be able to prove effective against large groups of enemies, but in fact I found it too slow to reload compared to the machine gun's incredible firepower.

After three PvP matches, we went into PvE, and the SED is proving to be deadly effective, not needing to count its balls and being able to count on a sizeable reserve of life points. We were a team of four robots and we drove over the targets without any difficulty, while we were two fairly new members of the press.

I don't really know Warface, having played little in the FPS of, so I won't be able to compare the robot to the four current classes in the game (Sniper, Medic, Engineer and Rifleman). However, I am quite used to shooting games, so I will use this experience for my feelings. However, I want to warn: who says habit, does not say competence. Because yes, no matter how much I enjoyed the genre, I'm not very good at it. Strangely, however, I achieved good scores with my humanoid robot SED. It is particularly resistant, so it has the advantage of being able to take one or two enemy bullets without falling to the ground, which gives more time to react and counterattack. His firepower is impressive, and he doesn't have to deal with the empty store problem. No need to reload between each fight ... or forget and land on an enemy with only one bullet. Its precision is good, although it lacks a bit of range to do well. An excellent character, which will therefore appeal to all players, especially beginners because he has striking arguments!

Currently in its final test phase, the character should arrive in public test in October! To conclude, a little video:

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