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The Drop 5, entitled DEPLOYMENT: Nexus, will make it possible to realize a dream of many players: to create your own skate-park with the housing system!

Until then, some players had already built their own skate-park with the means at hand, but now it's nearly a hundred varied blocks that are available to you to make the skate-park, or rather Hoverpark, of your dreams!

What better way to give you a glimpse of what awaits you with a personal achievement that I suggest you visit in my latest video? It's this way :

As you will have seen, the possibilities are enormous! My creation offers an indoor Hoverpark, but you could also do something outdoor. So you have parts of all types:

  • Full-pipe : completely closed element, as in a pipe.
  • Half-pipe : half-closed, U-shaped element.
  • Quarter-pipe : half a half-pipe, in a way ramps to put on the edge.
  • Salt : floor pieces of 3 shapes (long, short, very short) in the same texture theme as the Hoverpark pieces.
  • Other : many other more independent and diverse forms.

Here are some more screenshots of my Hoverpark that you can see in the video:

What do you think ?


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