Wildstar - Architect: Rang novice

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Lluís Enric Mayans
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In this series of articles, I invite you to discover the objects that we can create with the profession of architect for each level. This chronicle will be spread over a certain time, everything will depend on my progress in the profession. Let's start our visit right away with the items created with the Novice rank, the very first rank.

You can find the complete galleries for each level on this page.

Marauder's Aero Hammock Red store awning

Large brown canopy Small brown canopy (triangle)

Brown canopy (trapeze) Bottle of the carburant

Berry bush (short) Bramble bush (small)

Niflette's thorn bush (short) Cable court pendant

Bolt case Collectible beer mug

Granok angle closure Granok fence (short)

Filet Chua Luster de billard

Khamsin stone wall Metal plank

Metal platform Reed, grass only (ocher)

Reed, grass only (green) Reed (yellow-green)

Wheat sack Sandbag

Sagging cable segment Fantasy suspension

Computer tablet Thermos and cuivre Chua

Well done toast

See you soon for the next rows!

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