Wildstar - Architect: Rank Apprentice

In this series of articles, I invite you to discover the objects that we can create with the profession of architect for each level. This chronicle will be spread over a certain time, everything will depend on my progress in the profession. We continue our visit with the objects created with the Apprentice rank, the second rank.

You can find the complete galleries for each level on this page.

Dilapidated fence Corrugated iron container

Waterproof container Chua shelf

Keyhole window with flowers Keyhole window with basket of flowers

Keyhole window Silver barrel

Aurin clock Hurricane lamp

Floating healthcare bed drip

Algoroc pine felled Horn skull parchment display

Projector Rack to dry falkrin meat

Aurin colorful table Interviewer table

Poor quality pell table Evil Fire Totem

Totem moddie Totem murgh

Strange skin totem Clump of dry rising grass

Lopp brick fireplace Wire mesh security fence

Raw volecendre Gnarled green shrub

Appetizing plate of pigs Firewood

Supreme skewer Dry log

Bureau Chua Metal case

Square of grass from the east Chua resistance fireplace

Single flue chimney Chua Containment Unit

Murgh meat Empty trophy case

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