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The solo instance Voyage in OMNIPlex has been available for a long time now, but it has its share of challenges more or less difficult to achieve, especially if you want to accomplish the various achievements. Here is a complete guide with the means and advice to carry out your crossings in OMNIPlex!

This instance is subject to the weekly quest Actions accomplished which you can perform once a week (resets on Tuesday) and which you can collect from the Guardian in the Research Center in your capital city.

This guide being VERY long, here is a maxi-summary to go directly where you want!


  • Beginning
  • 1st choice (Escort / Probe)
  • Platforms
  • 2nd choice (Infosphere / Manual activation)
  • Holograms
  • The service area
  • The Cortex

Successes :

  • A long way
  • Circuit resolver
  • Continuity of the continuum
  • Rainbow warrior
  • Synaptic infiltration
  • Garbage Collection
  • Clever dodge



So you start in OMNIPlex and will be with Belle Walker if you are an Exile, otherwise you will be with Axis Pheydra. After a first speech, you will be offered 2 ways to disable firewalls that will be in your path:

  • by escorting your NPC associate who will put on Eldan armor
  • by deactivating it with a probe

Be aware that in this instance you will be asked multiple times to make these kinds of choices and each will take you to a different area with different challenges and achievements to accomplish.

1st choice

  • escorts
  • Probe

Indeed, this choice seems more fun! Let's go then ! Your companion will go to an Eldan station which will give him armor, more or less like that of engineers in their special form (R).

We will therefore have to progress in OMNIPlex by disabling 4 firewalls. For this, your companion in the form of robot will have to tinker against each of them. Obviously, it won't be that easy: Avatus won't leave you alone.

Indeed, Avatus will drop you at each firewall of drones that will attack you and your comrade. You will need to protect it and destroy your opponents as quickly as possible.

Un succès is available at this time and will ask you to ensure that Belle or Axis does not go below 75% health. You will therefore need to position yourself about 2 meters from each firewall and defeat the enemies as quickly as possible to prevent them from touching your protege.

After 2 firewalls, Avatus will destroy your companion's armor and, luckily, a room is next to it and will allow you to recreate it. You will have to continue to protect your partner who will have to activate 4 platforms. For each of them, Eldan defenses will be sent via the nearest teleporter, simply face them at a distance from Belle or Axis.

Once the armor is back in place, you will have to overcome 2 other firewalls that will work like the previous ones.

Well, we'll do it like that then! We're going to go to the firewall area. Here, Avatus will not want to let us through and it will be necessary to deactivate the firewalls, 4 in number.

To deactivate them, Belle (or Axis) will invoke a probe each time which will allow them, on contact with the firewall, to deactivate them. Before it reaches them, it will be necessary to defeat the image of Avatus which will be just in front of each firewall.

Once you have passed 2 firewalls, you will need to reactivate a contraption to be able to continue your progress. Meet at the room next to you where a puzzle awaits!

Here you have 2 sets of computers: one of 4 and one of 5. You will have to activate and deactivate gates in a circuit to pass current from the source to the end point for 2 circuits, one for each series. computers.

As you can see from the screenshots above, each computer is hooked up to multiple doors and an activation on each will reverse its corresponding doors. By tweaking everything, we get there quite easily, but there is a succès to achieve !

Indeed, you will have to perform a feat of 5 movements maximum to activate the 2 circuits! Suffice to say that by not having trained or by not having a guide in front of you, it cannot be done easily!

With the screenshots above, it is now easy to determine which computers to activate. It is not possible that we give you the real order that you will have to make since the circuits are never the same. It will still be possible to achieve success whenever possible.

For the case of screenshots, you would have to do for example (left computer being 1):

  • 4 - 1
  • 4 - 5 - 3

And There you go ! Success is yours!

You will have to pass 2 firewalls with the same functioning as the previous ones.


We progress, we have a little dialogue, and we find ourselves in a new room which will offer you a jumping challenge! You have a room with lots of well positioned and static green platforms but obviously Avatus will get involved.

He will make all the platforms disappear and make 3 big guns appear on the other side of the chasm which will regularly shoot red cubes which will knock you down on contact. Belle (or Axis) will spawn new green platforms that will be static or moving for some. From time to time, some platforms will disappear after a red effect which will let you know that the disappearance is near.

You just have to cross and if you succeed on the first try, a succès will be there!

Once on the other side, get rid of the Eldan robot sent by Avatus. Your companion will not be able to cross the chasm and leave the platforms, so you have to get him to cross yourself. He will summon a Granok from the team in the Infosphere who will give you his grapple which will then allow you to recover it.

No luck, the next door is blocked! You will have to open it differently. 2 teleporters are nearby, giving you 2 new choices to unlock the door:

  • go to the Infosphere and retrieve the code to give it to your companion who will enter it
  • go to a dark room, help your companion to retrieve the code and enter it manually

Achievements are found for each of the paths, you will have to do them both in separate instances to achieve them all.


2nd choice

  • Infosphere
  • Manually

This first choice is the easier of the two. You will borrow a teleporter and will be sent to the Infosphere where you will have to retrieve the code to unlock the door. You will have to go through 2 rooms.

For the first room, you will have to unlock the teleporter for the second by killing 4 colored Eldan robots in their respective colored area. You will therefore have yellow, green, red and blue robots and 2 zones each with 2 colors.

You will therefore have to kill the green and red robots in the area on the left and the other two in the area on the right. If you miss, the robot will reappear, but if you miss none, a new succès will unlock!

Once all 4 portals are activated, a teleporter will be available in the center of the room and you can go to the next room. Here, you will have to protect a probe which will take care of retrieving the code that will allow you to continue in OMNIPlex. The difficulty will increase as the recovery progresses: hologram probes will appear regularly, then rays will appear, and finally there will be rotating lines of fire.

The probes have very few health points and the one you need to protect has more than enough health to not have to stress too much for this phase.

Once the 4 digits have been decoded, they will appear in front of you and you will have to give them to your companion.

You just have to return to him with the portal in the center of the room.

This new test represents a certain challenge. You will arrive in an unlit room. You will be able to see through the torch of your helmet. The activatable consoles are highlighted so they are easily identifiable as well.

You will have to help your companion to retrieve the code to open the door. Briefly, it will be necessary to activate certain consoles one after the other, your companion will indicate them to you, all in a limited time. The stopwatch will increase with each activated console and if it drops to 0 you will have to start the whole session again.

Obviously, it won't be that simple! once the first console is activated, patrols of probes will appear all over the room and, to further complicate matters, a succès is to be done and will ask you to finish this test without engaging in combat once with the probes!

Once the consoles are activated and the code that your companion will give you entered, you will only have to take a teleporter to return to where you were.


There you have it, the door can finally be opened! Don't rush, you'll have a trapped holographic area in front of you that looks sore if you enter it. Wait for your companion to deactivate it, you will now have to face holographic creatures sent by Avatus.

For the next room, make sure you have your health and shield bar well regenerated, if you want to make the success that is to come, you are going to take pies!

Indeed, the next room will be square in shape and when you enter it, 4 holographic creatures will be summoned in each corner. Be aware that when you kill one, another will replace it after a while. The succès here is to kill the first 4 enemies before others replace them.

Another advantage of achieving this achievement: if you succeed in this feat, these holograms will not be replaced and it will save you some time because there are a good number of holograms that will reappear.

Avatus will then summon a creature that is a little more powerful but that shouldn't be a big deal for you. Once defeated, your companion will spawn holograms of our corpses to trick Avatus into not caring about us.

The service area

We progress to arrive in front of a teleporter. We would get to our destination faster by taking it, but we will not do so to continue to hide our existence. Instead, we will go to a manual maintenance area where Avatus has no power and where it will not be able to detect our presence.

The area looks like above, with rooms located on different levels. it will be enough to follow what your companion tells you. Move around with the platforms your companion summons and activate whatever it takes.

Throughout the instance, the more you advance, the more your companion loses control of himself by using his Eldan powers. At one point, he encounters a problem with a platform and you land in front of the entrance to a new room.

Here, you can pick up an anti-gravity module on a robot that will allow you to hop in the air throughout the area!


Continue your progress, we will arrive in the last area: the Cortex. Before arriving in the main room, you will be entitled to holograms activated by your companion to see the progress of the team in the Infosphere.

The Cortex

Here you are at the Cortex!

Get ready, we come to the ultimate challenge of this instance: the Cortex Controller! This robot will offer you a good challenge if you start the high level content. Going to be dodge and stamina!

First of all, note the succès to achieve which will require you to defeat the Controller of the Cortex without being hit by its cannons and rotating beams.

These 2 attacks look like this:

The 3 squares are launched by cannons in a random direction, the area being round, and go straight. On contact, you will be stunned. The shelves will be set up later, ie there will never be both at the same time.

Briefly, the fight will go like this:

  1. Attack the boss, dodge the cannons
  2. The boss will be invulnerable in the center, kill the robots that will appear, the cannons will be transformed by your companion to be friendly, put the robots in to help you
  3. The guns disappear, place to the rotating rays. Attack the boss while avoiding them.
  4. The boss will be invulnerable in the center, kill the robots that will appear, the rays will be transformed by your companion to be friendly, put the robots in to help you.
  5. Finish off the boss

Watch out for transitions 1 to 2 and 3 to 4: when the boss goes to the center, you will be thrown back, if a radius or a square is there, the success will not be validated.

There you go, the Controller and Avatus are defeated! You will be entitled to several cutscenes with information on the history of Nexus and the Eldans.

Finally, note that at the end of the instance you will get pieces of armor that can have a nice rendering:

  • Light Armor
  • Medium armor
  • Heavy armor

You will be awarded a medal at the end of the instance and a succès is to be accomplished for the 3 medals:

All you have to do is start over to complete all your achievements, including the achievement where you must take all the paths of OMNIPlex:

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