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Do you like interdimensional space cowboys? So we found a word to simplify: Arcanero. It's also the name of this week's class on WildStar.

In addition to the video, a lot of information has been published on various media about the Arcanero:

  • some screenshots
  • a propaganda album on Facebook
  • a dedicated page on the official website

Here's all of that information gathered here for you.


Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Weapon: Arcane Pistols, Seals and Acrobatics
  • Light Armor
  • Exiles Faction: Aurin, Human Exile, Mordesh
  • Faction Dominion : Draken, Cassien, Chua
  • Roles:
    • DPS: Arcane Missile and Flame Burst
    • Healer: Regenerative Impulse and Support
  • Resource: Spell Boost and Mana
  • Exiles
  • Dominion
Aurin Human Exile Mordesh

Cassien Chua Draken



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Do not hesitate to visit the official site for some additional delicious information. Also, don't forget to visit our Facebook page to be up to date with our latest articles.

So, are you a professional shooter at heart, a thoroughbred Arcanero? Ask your questions for tomorrow night's Reddit!

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