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Let's continue the Veteran Mandate Guides with the Captives of the M-13 Outpost today! I suggest you see it in video format:


This mandate will not be very long. Depending on your equipment, it should take you around 10 to 15 minutes. For the gold medal, you will have to achieve it in less than 20 minutes.

You will start aboard the Long Voyage, a vessel:

You will appear to the south of the area. First thing to do: talk to Captain Milo. This done, you can go north where you will have a room full of red crystals that you will need to protect from the Novacendie looters:

You can see that they are coming from 2 sides: the 2 passages northwest and northeast. They will begin their plunder as soon as you enter the room. Try to touch them all to prevent them from running away with crystals. These 2 packs have a similar respawn time, I advise you to make it more practical that you do not kill them at the same time but one after the other, otherwise you will have the 2 sides to manage simultaneously.

You should prevent all crystals from being stolen to complete an optional goal for the gold medal.

Once a certain number of enemies have been defeated, you will face your first boss: Rorgh the Pillager. It has a fairly large number of health points and can hurt you if you don't have very advanced equipment. Dodge his telegrams as best you can. You will also have ground care kits to help you if necessary.

Once defeated, you can exit for the outpost asteroid through the northwest exit. Here you will find yourself in a beautiful outdoor area on the asteroid and you will have an optional objective to complete: collect 10 explosives ! I offer you a map with their location and with a suggested path:

There won't be anything else to do in this area, head south to the M-13 outpost:

Start by talk to Foreman Krause who will ask you to collect 10 infocrons on the corpses of the miners in the outpost.

By picking up an infocron, creatures will come out of the corpse. If you have the right equipment you can try to sprint to the next corpse as soon as you are done with the current one and thus you can attack 2 packs at the same time and save some time.

Once the infocrons have been collected, you will be able to activate the opening to the southwest of the area and return outside. Passing through the blue area on the ground will launch a new event where you will face the Novacendie again.

You will have to defeat 2 waves of not too difficult enemies, avoid ground telegrams as best you can. Then will come the Captain Wiko, chef du Novacendie, a second boss!

He will do a few powerful attacks which you will have to dodge or you can stun him to make him vulnerable for a while. You can then continue to arrive in the last location of the mandate: the abandoned space mine!

Inside you'll find infected miners, larvae, and eggs. For the last boss to show up, you will need to kill some to advance a bar. I invite you to preferably kill the enemies so that they do not disturb you for the final confrontation. Once cleared of these, complete the completion of the bar by destroying a few eggs. You will then summon the final boss: the queen of the hive !

It will not offer any particular specificities. Make sure you have your life full before the fight and you can go in there and do like the previous bosses, namely dodge the red and hit it!

That's it ! You finished your term with a gold medal!

I offer you a small bonus: in this cave, you will have a hidden staircase that will lead you to a secret room in which you can make an achievement that will give you 10 achievement points: Larventura ! In this room is a small larva which, when it clicks, will fall in love with you. Yes, it's true !


You now know everything about this mandate!

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