Wildstar - New PTR interface

The information unearthed on the PTR continues to flow on the web! This time, it's straightforward interface snippets showing new features and confirming some points seen in today's previous article. Same principle, here is the imgur gallery posted, we put below the summary of the novelties!

WildStar Drop # 6 PTR - 2

  • Crafts / Runes :
    • Improved rune management interface
    • Reworked crafting interface
    • New Crafting Feature: Masters Craftsman
  • Accommodation :
    • New type of functionality: "Specials"
    • Possibility of turning the FABKits
  • JcE :
    • New adventure: Outpost
    • Ultimate ProtoGames in Veteran Mode
    • Challenges: new interface and new progress bar with rewards
  • PvP :
    • New Battleground: Boneshatter
  • Interface :
    • Possibility of sorting by quality in the recycling tool
    • Possibility to sell gray items without add-ons
    • A window for the Shades Eve seasonal event
    • A new element for the sprint and roll icons
    • New interface for the taxi
    • Improved world map
    • Character page redone
  • Other :
    • In-game store
    • New feature: Content search (Quests, Expeditions, Adventures, Dungeons, PvP, ...)
    • Daily login bonus
    • Visual of a new frame


There is no need to say, the change is coming very soon! Lots of new features will emerge very soon and should give us a bite for all types of players!

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