Wildstar - The Cosmic Program (Loyalty)

WildStar today unveils a new feature that will bring its share of rewards: The Cosmic Program! This is the final spanish-speaking name of the loyalty system.

Thanks to it, you will be able to receive rewards by making purchases in the in-game store. This program takes into account all expenses made on WildStar, subscription included. It has several levels of rewards:

  • Tier 1:
    • 1000 cosmic points: immortal miner's helmet (costume)
    • 2000 cosmic points: unlimited access to circles, guilds and squads
    • 3000 cosmic points: -50% recharge of resurrection on the spot
    • 4000 cosmic points: Friendly clown (pet), -10% risk during overload for crafting, + 10% target radius size for crafting

  • Tier 2:
    • 5250 cosmic points: 10 auctions / sales possible for the commodity market as well as the auction house
    • 6500 cosmic points: extractor set (frame decoration)
    • 7750 Cosmic Points: 2x faster rest experience and + 50% cap increase
    • 9000 cosmic points: Velocirex of the Cursed Lands (mount)

  • Tier 3:
    • 12000 Cosmic Points: + 10% to obtain additional materials when harvesting
    • 15000 cosmic points: Sumptuous Poobah (costume), + 50% reputation gain in combat
    • 18000 cosmic points: Northern Lights Dye
    • 21000 cosmic points: Little beast (colloquial), title "Capitalist"
    • 24000 cosmic points: War Pig of the Devoted (mount)

At the moment we only have the details of the first 3 levels, but when free-to-play comes out, there will be 6 and more will be added later. Players in the beta have already been able to obtain an osun house (we visited it here) or a technophage hoverboard.


To get cosmic points, you have these solutions:

  • redeem a WildStar game code :
    • standard edition: 12000 points
    • deluxe edition: 15000 points
  • make a purchase on the WildStar website
  • buy or use a CREDD :
    • purchase: 4000 points
    • use: 1000 points
  • spend NCoin in the WildStar in-game store (after the launch of free-to-play):
    • 2 points per NCoin spent
    • pack 400 NCoin : 200 points
    • pack 800 NCoin : 420 points
    • pack 1600 NCoin : 880 points
    • pack 4000 NCoin : 2300 points
    • pack 8000 NCoin : 4800 points
  • apply a subscription code :
    • 15 days: 1800 points
    • 30 days: 3000 points
    • 60 days: 6000 points

These points are linked to the account and you will be able to see where you are in the in-game store:

When switching to free-to-play, players will receive cosmic points for what they have already done so far, including:

  • each month of subscription (see below)
  • Deluxe upgrade: 3000 points
  • name change: 4000 points
  • paying kingdom transfer: 4000 points

For the subscription, cosmic points will be applied to each payment, so every month for a monthly subscription, every 3 months for 3 months of subscription, etc. :

  • 1 month subscription: 3000 points
  • 3 month subscription: 9600 points
  • 6 month subscription: 20400 points
  • 12 month subscription: 45600 points

The longer you subscribe, the stronger the bonus points awarded.

What do you think of this system? Is it likely to get you to spend?

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