Winning Putt - Special Spring Update

Winning Putt, the new online F2P golf game from Bandai Namco and Webzen Onnet has a brand new update that brings a competitive multiplayer mode, a course and a "Volero" circuit.


Mode Survival Time Attack

A new game mode is born, the Survival Time Attack mode which will test the speed and precision of the players. Golfers will be able to choose between two types of games: the type Beginner, which will regroup 10 players in normal mode or the type Free which will bring together a maximum of 20 players. In this new game mode, players will have to return the ball in less than 45 seconds after the first person. This time is reduced to 30 seconds in Free play. If a player exceeds the allotted time, he is excluded from the course. However, it is possible to return to it by using virtual money.

The courses are chosen at random and players accumulate points after each hole completed. Each month, the highest ranked players will be entitled to a reward.

Survival Time Attack mode is available from level 13.


Starglen course

Available to all players who have reached level 15, the Starglen Course appears at Winnong Putt. Located on another planet, it is a demanding course strewn with narrow alleys, slopes of varying degrees and scattered craters that create bunkers that are difficult to negotiate.


Volero circuit

This brand new annual circuit will consist of more than 30 tournaments spread over four seasons. Each season includes a special tournament that runs concurrently with an event, such as Sakura Pro-AM. The winners of these tournaments will be rewarded with exclusive items that they can display on the virtual green. The tour starts on April 22 and will run until September 2016!

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