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In 6.1, it is possible to obtain a music box for your Fief, a superb Juke-Box. It all starts with the quest (requires level 100) given by this gnome:

He asks to bring back 5 elements.

  • Amplifier
  • Disc player
  • Capacitor
  • box
  • Stere of wood

It is found at Spiers of Arak. Go to Raven's Curve, to the northeast, then go up through the Howling Coomb (no need to cut through the mountains, I couldn't find a path anyway) where we do one of the repeatable quests of the fief. I remind you where we go up:

Once up, the room is on an Unconditional Guardian. The area is full and I got my coin on the first one killed.


Always at Spiers of Arak, go due south at the Bolt-building in Sifflepince. From there, continue by road then through the woods towards the Poste de Sifflepince. Identify this house (it is on the heights):

The laz-tron record player is in the small upstairs bedroom. Upon retrieving the item, it causes a level 100 Goblin to appear who exclaims: "Hey ... it's mine! Well, I think ...". He kills himself very easily.

Then, direction Feller. For the Alliance, the closest is the Peak of Redemption. The Horde will of course prefer to land at the Pride of Vol'jin. In all cases, it is to the north of the area. The capacitor is on one of the many Iron Shredders at the Mor'gran Sawmill.

Let's go to Nagrand. You have to go as far north-west as possible so Joz's Rylaks is not bad, even Throne of the Elements if you have a mount that walks on water (or a way to cross the lake straight). The room is located in the Gorian Crucible, near the Arena of Blood. So continue as far as you can up the stairs. The caisson is on the right of the arena (when you arrive). Ogres are dancing!

You would think that the ogres would attack us when we take their subwoofer from them, but it is not: they are afraid of us! "Please don't hit us. We're just party ogres!" And they call us "Casse fête!".

The last element is found at Gorgrond, to North-east. Stop by the Stay of the Eternal Flora. The Ancient Wood Stere can be found on a shaky ancient in the area. And good luck finding one alive. Even though the indicated area is huge, there are only 3-4 around the landing point. Even on the test server where there were only a few of us doing the quest, I took 15 min to get one.


We just have to return the quest. You get the jukebox as a reward, but also a stack of dusty music rolls.

The jukebox is immediately put down. By default, it is only possible to choose the default music of the fiefdom. Fortunately, the pile of dusty music rolls makes it possible to obtain new tracks.

  • Stormwind
  • Forgefort
  • Night-chan
  • Gnomeregan
  • The Exodus
  • The Burden of the Worgen
  • The Way of the Monk
  • Orgrimmar
  • The Pitons-du-Tonerre
  • Undercity
  • Voodoo at Zul'Gurub
  • Silver Moon
  • Helping the Warchief
  • The Way of the Monk


To start a music, click on the Music-o-tron 5000 and hop, let's go to the music!

In conclusion, a short video of the music box in action:

Thanks Compass for the pictures

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