WoW - 6.1: information extracted from client # 3

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A new version of patch 6.1 was deployed on servers last night!



6 new heirloom necklaces have been found:

  • Eternal Talisman of Evasion
  • Eternal Amulet of the Redeemed
  • Eternal Horizon Choker
  • Eternal Woven Ivy Necklace
  • Eternal Emberfury Talisman
  • Eternal Will of the Martyr

It is not yet clear how these necklaces can be recovered or purchased, but this will undoubtedly allow some alternative characters to be better equipped (and incidentally to fill in the new collections tab).



The selfie, this current fashion of taking a photo at arm's length with your phone, is coming to Azeroth (well, Draenor). Indeed, various cameras will be able to be recovered in game. The first, the basic camera SELFIE Camera is obtained by accomplishing a mission of the fief: Field Photography.

Another mission, Lens Some Hands, allows you to obtain SELFIE Lens Upgrade Kit. After applying the upgrade kit, the camera becomes epic: SELFIE Camera MkII. We then recover 3 additional filters: death, black & white and drawing.



A new illusion has been added to enchanters: Illusion: Holy Infusion.

Fishing is changed. From now on, the fish will now give their meat directly. There will be no more need to click on it. In addition, all current fish can be transformed into cooking components, there will no longer be a need to have 5, 10 or 20.


Graphics options

New graphics options are added:


Blood elves

The new blood elf model is coming!

As Zorbrix explains on the forums, models, textures and animations are not final. Do not hesitate if you have opinions on this subject to post on the discussion thread created on this subject. Note that all models currently use more or less the same set of facial geometry (this technical term was explained in an Artcraft).

You can find all the changes on the following two sites:

  • MMO-Champion
  • Wow head

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