WoW - Beginners # 6 - Professions

Today we are going to focus on trades.


Main trades

It is only possible to have 2 main trades, regardless of the type.



These are the trades that you will use to create equipment, weapons or many other things:

  • Alchemy : Mainly used to create potions that are used to increase characteristics or regenerate health or mana points. As a bonus, you can make a few mounts.
  • Forge : Allows you to craft mail and plate gear, as well as weapons.
  • Enchantment : allows you to enchant equipment (by increasing characteristics or adding additional effects).
  • Engineering : allows you to create trinkets, jewelry, but also mounts or mascots.
  • Calligraphy : allows you to create glyphs (glyphs we talked about in the previous chapter).
  • Jewellery : allows you to create gems to improve your equipment and to create some mounts, necklaces and rings.
  • Leather work : Lets you create leather and mesh equipment, as well as upgrades for pants.
  • Couture : Creates cloth equipment, bags to increase inventory, and a mount.



These professions will be used to collect components that will be used to create objects. There is a synergy between certain harvesting professions and certain production professions. Here is the list of these trades and some pictures illustrating the appearance of the harvest points of each trade.

  • herbalism : collect plants that will be used to make potions for alchemy and glyphs for calligraphy (see the Profession guide).

  • Minage : harvest of ores that can then be melted into a bar for blacksmiths or jewelers (see the Trade Guide).

  • Skinning : allows you to collect leather from all beasts in World of Warcraft, which is then used for leatherworking (see the Trade guide).

To help you harvest plants and minerals, yellow dots are displayed on your minimap when a resource appears. Some production trades do not have a harvest trade. In this case, the components are collected from the monsters as a seam where you must have as a component several kinds of fabrics that you collect from different monsters. You can find our craft guide on fabric resources.


Secondary trades

The secondary professions are optional professions which you will use to obtain mounts, pets, healing bandages or even food. It is possible to take all the secondary trades at once.

  • First aid : allows you to create bandages using fabric to regenerate your health points.
  • Archeology : Allows you to create trinkets of all kinds: pets, mounts, a blueprint for alchemy by collecting artifacts throughout Azeroth. To collect artifacts, all you have to do is put down your research equipment, which will show you where to dig. If it is red, it means you are far from it; yellow is that you are close and green is that it is found!

  • Kitchen : allows you to create food to regenerate your health or mana points but also to increase your characteristics.
  • Fishing : allows you to catch fish that will be used for the kitchen profession. You only have to buy a fishing rod and you can fish in any water. As soon as the hook moves, click on it, it means that a fish has bitten!


If you have questions on points not mentioned do not hesitate to ask them in the comments.

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