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Mining is one of the first harvesting professions in the game. It allows you to work 3 other available professions, namely jewelry, forging and engineering. But like any harvesting profession, this one takes a long time.

What does this consist of ? To recover minerals in deposits of different qualities. Note that the mechanism will change a bit for the next update 5.3 for Pandaria players, because those who will not be 500 in mining will recover mineral fragments on the deposits which combine together by 20 to have a complete ore, while giving a skill point.

  • Small tip: Remember to activate your search for minerals with the small magnifying glass next to the mini-map. Also remember to have a pickaxe with you to mine the deposits.
  • Useful add-ons: Gathermate2 (allows you to memorize the places where deposits appear)
  • Bonus: Resistance, which grants an endurance bonus up to 480 (currently rank 8)
 Now let's get down to business:
  •  1-50: Copper Ores
  • 50-100: Tin ores
  • 100-150: Iron Ores
  • 150-200: Mithril minerals
  • 200-275: Thorium ores
  • 275-325: Minerais of Gangrefer
  • 325-350: Adamantite ores
  • 350-400: Cobalt ores
  • 400-425: Saronite Minerals
  • 425-475, Mineral d'Obsidium
  • 475-500: Elementium Ores
  • 500-600: Ectofer Ores

Note that from 550 in mining, it is also interesting to mine the Kyparithe deposits.


Copper Ores 1-50

Copper mining begins from the starting areas. There are several interesting areas but I will only focus on two, one for the Horde, one for the Alliance, both very profitable.




Tin ores 50-100 

Consider visiting your skill master before continuing. This time, one place is really very interesting, obscuring the others, and it is a region of the Hillsbrad foothills, the Ruins of Alterac. Be careful because it is also an area populated by many ogres, if you do not have the level, prefer the mountains around.

Hillsbrad Foothills


Iron Ores 100-150 

For iron, we have a choice of two regions, one in the Eastern Kingdoms and the other in Kalimdor. Favor mountainous areas, especially for the Western Plaguelands in the southwest region (zone marked in yellow).


Western Plaguelands


150-200 Mithril Minerals 

For mithril too, several locations are possible, such as the Badlands or the Burning Steppes. Personally, I find Felwood more appealing. Not for the decor, but for the minerals. You just have to make the outline of the wood to have a nice stock. Remember to go back to see the master of the trade, to learn the skill



Thorium ores 200-275  

The chase of the pursuits. In the Eastern Kingdoms, the Blasted Lands are the only real farming area. However, Kalimdor side, you will find the Grail: between the crater of Un'Goro and the Cradle of winter, you are spoiled for choice. Return to your trade master before moving.

Un'goro crater

Two possible paths. The outer device is more practical in a flying mount, but even in a ground mount you can try it. The one around the Crest remains a place to visit to supplement your stocks.

Cradle of winter


Gangrefer Minerais 275-325

We get to the heart of the matter, the Burning Crusade part. For Fel Iron, no need to search, it's only in Hellfire Peninsula. By the way, think about your master of the trade.

Hellfire Peninsula


Adamantite Ore 325-350 

Still in Outland, in what is the most lively region: Nagrand. There too, little choice of route, but it should be noted however that there are many caves in which you can find minerals in abundance. (Caves marked in yellow).



Cobalt ores 350-400 

It's cold ? Welcome to Nordfendre! Cobalt is the mainstay of the continent, and you can find it in the Howling Fjord and the Borean Tundra. Between the two, I have a preference for the Tundra, which is richer in mountains, and therefore in minerals. The Fjord is a little too sparse at the spot level to be profitable. Think again about your master of the trade.

Borean tundra


Saronite Minerals 400-425 

Those who were playing at the time of the expansion know the place inside out. A basin dug into the continent, the last stronghold of greenery in an ocean of snow, the Sholazar basin opens its arms to you. It is the place of saronite farm par excellence. The interest lies in its mountains and the pillars which have a lot of deposits around. Avoid the Avalanche area, few minerals for a lot of enemies.

Basin de Sholazar


Mineral d'Obsidium 425-475 

You feel ? Scorched lands, boiling water, rebelling land? The Cataclysm has been there. Direction Hyjal for the obsidium. But why not Vashj'ir? Because harvesting minerals underwater is quickly painful, in my opinion. Always remember to go see the master of the trade.

Mont Hyjal


Elementium ores 475-500 

Here, we are almost at the end. It was a long time, like any good harvesting job, but we can see the end of the tunnel. From my experience, I have been able to test two areas, but one of them is in my opinion better than the other. I therefore opt for a trip to Uldum.



Ectofer Ore 500-600 

Here it is, this is the end, here we are among the pandas. The last step is close at hand. For this last part, I went directly to 85 at the kun lai summit. Why Kun lai so soon Because enemies are killable with the stuff we got from the first quests in the Jade Forest, and the minerals there are much more. Remember to switch to the trade master before starting.

Kun Lai Summit

After all that, you should easily reach 600 in mining and be able to start building your other trades.

Bonne chance.

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