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After entering the Citadel, you will have to make a choice: if you turn right, you will go in the direction of Kormrok. After a few packs of enemies, you will find yourself in a large room with three pools of different colors.

As usual, the groups of opponents present in this room have skills that you will find on the boss (but the boss will have them all). Take the opportunity to discover them visually.

Once the room has been (almost) emptied, the boss will jump in the middle, biding his time. The principle of the fight is rather simple because the boss will use 4 skills all the time. Every 2 minutes, he will jump into the nearest bath (but he must jump into all 3 before diving back into the first) and gain an improvement on the skill related to the bath (4 charges) and a new skill for the tank (You follow?). Little summary :

  • Neutral Core Competency: Hammer
    • This skill will not change from combat. Raid members should stay at least 4 meters apart to avoid taking too much damage.


  • Green Basin (Tainted) Basic Skill: Greedy hands
    • To kill the hands quickly, the raid must be fairly grouped together but without forgetting the 4 meters distance.
    • Upgrade 1: Tainted crush. The current tank will be immobilized and will no longer be able to block or parry. The second tank must therefore immediately provoke the boss (and keep him until the end of Fel Touch) and the DPS must focus on the hand under the first tank.
    • Upgrade 2: Dragging Hands. The difference with the basic skill is that the hands will drag the players towards the basin (and you must not go there!).


  • Purple Basin Basic Skill (Shadow): Fel overflow
    • To avoid waves more easily, it is advisable to tank the boss opposite the purple pool or in the center of the room (but the management of the baths is more complicated).
    • Improvement 1: Tape. It is absolutely necessary that the tank is positioned so as not to be catapulted into a wall or into a basin. Also, healers can anticipate the skill and place shields or heals over time. The second tank must take the boss at this point.
    • Upgrade 2: Empowered Fel Overflow. In addition to the purple waves, waves will come out of the 2 other pools (green and orange). It is advisable to position yourself closer to a pool to first avoid its globules and to have time to reposition yourself for the waves of others.


  • Orange Pool Basic Skill (Explosive): Rune explosive
    • Assign a group of players to take the runes before they explode. Otherwise, it's the wipe.
    • Upgrade 1: Detonating explosion. Once the first tank is knocked out, the second tank must take the boss and take him over 40 yards. The rest of the raid must follow and move away from the first tank.
    • Upgrade 2: Overpowered Explosive Runes. Now, as soon as a player steps on a mine, it reappears a bit in front of the player. The goal is to superimpose them so that they disappear (or only one remains). This step requires good coordination but be aware that the runes appear in a pentacle, so bring them back to the center.


If you play Tank, it is you who lead the dance in the fight because you have to position the boss according to his skills and the pools absorbed. The preferred (or recommended) order remains to start with the orange basin, then switch to green and finally the purple basin. If you get to the purple pool, hang in there because the boss will get Enrage.

Images taken from the WoWhead guide.

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