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Wowhead has published a summary of the changes for trades in 5.2 according to the test server. I haven't talked about it yet, because the information was often fragmented, but there, a few days before the deployment, there is enough information. Here are the professions concerned:

  • Archeology
  • Forge
  • Fishing
  • Jewellery
  • Leather work
  • Tailor



A new race, the mantids, is added using mantid archaeological fragments. Wowhead has referenced 8 common items and 2 rare items (a 1M strength sword and an agility rifle, both blue grade, iLvl 463).

The excavation sites are in Pandaria, in the lands of Anguish and the steppes of Tanglong. Using the Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator, which can be purchased from Chroniclers (Exalted), it is possible to ensure that all of the Pandaria excavation locations are mantid (consumable that lasts 24 hours).

There are 17 new achievements, including the story of the mantids.



It is now easier to build this profession, without having to run around looking for materials throughout Azeroth. Indeed, new recipes, works, are given by coaches (blacksmith supplies) in the trade area of ​​the sanctuaries. These missions, from 1 to 486 in forge, are accessible to all characters of level 85 and + and only require ghost iron bars. It is therefore not necessarily the cheapest method (the last book requires 25 bars!) But certainly the simplest.

By killing Itoka, a mini-boss on the Isle of Thunder, the blacksmiths have a chance to obtain an item (Strange Metal Ingot) that initiates a quest (Lightning Steel). After completion, the blacksmith learns to melt the lightning steel ingot (Lightning Steel Ingot) and obtains 6 weapon recipes, blue quality (iLvl 463). From the comments posted on Wowhead, by making this blue grade weapon, the smith can learn how to make a higher grade weapon (purple grade iLvl 476).

By creating this new component, the Blacksmith has a chance to learn new Raid 5.2 (purple iLvl 522) or Dread Gladiator (PvP iLvL 458) equipment recipes.



4 new pets are recoverable by fishing:

  • Tiny Red Carp
  • Tiny Green Carp
  • Tiny Blue Carp
  • Tiny White Carp

In addition, there is the new fishing event that I already told you about previously.



Two new recipes can be picked up by jewelers: Design: Serpent's Heart and Design: Primal Diamond.

Serpent's Heart requires 3x Serpent's Eye, with a 1-day cooldown. It contains rare Pandaren gems as well as rarely a pattern to make two mascots (Sapphire Cub and Jade Owl). The primordial diamond, until presented dedicated to alchemists, requires a spirit of harmony as well as 5 pandarene gems of green quality of each type.


Leather work

Two new recipes can be collected by Leatherworkers: Pattern: Magnificence of Leather and Pattern: Magnificence of Scales. By creating these new components, the Leatherworker has a chance to learn new Raid 5.2 (purple iLvl 522) or Dread Gladiator (PvP iLvL 458) equipment recipes.

In addition, a 36 seat bag is added (requiring 7 magnificent Hide).



Imperial Silk now offers the Tailor a chance to learn new Raid 5.2 (Purple iLvl 522) or Dread Gladiator (PvP iLvL 458) equipment recipes.

As of 5.1, making Imperial Silk can result in an Imperial Moth or an Imperial Silkworm.


Do not hesitate to consult the original article for more details, especially on the new patterns. I will add the spanish names of all these new items as soon as they become available on the Wowhead database!

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