WoW - Class Review # 1

An article on the official website informs about the changes made to the classes following patch 5.2 (which you can find in full here). In this first part, we learn more about 3 classes: death knight, druid and hunter.


  • Changes in talents deemed unattractive
    • increased damage from Deadly Siphon
    • reduction of runic power over time for Conversion
  • Improved Unholy Specialization:
    • Touch of Ice active Harvest
    • Plague Strike applies Frost Fever
    • Removed the runic power cost of Summoning a Gargoyle
    • Shadow / Natre damage modification
  • Changes impacting PvP:
    • reduced cooldown of Strangulate and Asphyxiate
    • modification of the 2-piece bonus
    • Improved Blood Parasite


  • Changes in talents deemed unattractive
    • Cenarion protection
    • Force of nature
    • Mass entanglement
  • Changes impacting PvP
    • Cyclone cooldown
    • no accumulation of Feline Swiftness
    • 25% of Power as bonus to healing for Wild / Balance Druids
  • Improvement of the catering specialization.


  • Talent changes:
    • Gag Arrow cooldown increased
    • removed the focus cost of Binding Shot and Wyvern Sting
  • Change to Power Shot
  • Improved precision specialization:
    • Reduced Aim cooldown
    • Chimera Shot's increased healing
  • Integration of the designated effect to die
  • New glyph (liberation glyph)


The interventions are all argued and explained, so I invite you to read the entire article!

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