WoW - Class Review # 4

A last article on the official website informs about the changes made to the classes following patch 5.2 (which you can find in full here). We learn more about 2 classes: monk and warrior.


  • General changes:
    • Improved Blade Storm (immune to certain disarms)
    • Storm Bolt power increase
    • Reduced the cost of Enraged Regeneration
    • Taste of Blood no longer affects Heroic Strike
    • Removed the Glyph of Death from Above upgrade to Heroic Leap
    • Warbringer gains a slowing effect
    • Increased the cooldown of Shockwave, which can be reduced if the skill hits multiple targets
    • Sudden Death activates on Mastery triggers and auto-attack
    • improved haste value
    • Reduced cooldown and Recklessness effect
    • Deadly Calm removal
  • PvP-specific changes:
    • decreased damage reduction given by defensive stance to non-tank warriors
    • increase in the number of rage points needed to rotate the Weapons specialization



  • General changes:
    • removed the cost of level 30 talents (Chi Wave, Zen Sphere and Chi Blast)
  • PvP-specific changes:
    • added a level 30 crowd control skill for Brewmaster and Windwalker (Brew of Vivacity)
    • Removed Deadly Reach replaced with a new Talent: Ring of Peace
  • Windwalker specialization changed:
    • new Storm, Earth and Fire zone attack
    • mastery changed from Combo Breaker to Bottled Fury increasing the damage bonus provided by Tiger's Eye Infusion
    • Mastery: Combo Breaker becomes a passive skill (Combo Breaker)
  • Changed Mistweaver specialization to make melee healing / damage viable (Fistweaver)


The interventions are all argued and explained, so I invite you to read the entire article!

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