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Would you like to invoke the Claw Lord Kril'mandar ? To do so, you must first kill 6 crabs, each of which has 2M life points. They aren't particularly difficult if you go with end of expansion gear so it's relatively quick.

  • Zarb'nirok : Southwest, Townlong Steppes (42, 92)
  • Palourok : North, Dread Lands (26, 74)
  • Droplet : South, in the water, Krasarang Wilds (49, 92)
  • Akkalou : North-East, on a small island, The Jade Forest (59, 35)
  • Akkalar : South, The Jade Forest (59, 95)
  • Kishak : North, on the beach, Kun-Lai Summit (42, 18)

Each has a shell which, when combined with the others, creates a super shell, Seashell ring, to invoke the Claw Lord Kril'mandar, . To do so, you have to go to a small island, far southwest of the Krasarang Wilds, where there is a large seashell planted in the ground.


As soon as you click on the ring, the boss comes out of the sea. Note that it is important to be sure you can kill him because if you die, he disappears and the object disappears. In booty, he gives Gripper leaf.

In conclusion, the map which summarizes the location of each crab and the final boss.

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