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We weren't expecting it and Blizzard surprised us last night with the announcement of a companion app for Legion!

This free application is available on iOS and Android. From here you can handle most of the class domain actions:

  • initiate advanced orders to advance the field. The ultimate benefit of this feature is being able to wear two Legendaries at the same time.
  • manage its champions, their equipment, and train troops.
  • send champions and troops on missions and complete missions. Loot collected automatically goes to the character's bag the next time they log back into the computer.
  • level 110 characters who have completed Union of Islands can view ongoing World Quests (but cannot participate from their phone).

Note that it is impossible to connect in game, on the computer, and simultaneously on the mobile application. As for the identifiers, the application saves the information, avoiding having to re-authenticate each time (the authenticator is managed).

You may wonder why there are two apps for World of Warcraft now (indeed there has been an Armory app for a long time)? Quite simply because the developers wanted to offer a specific application to Legion. In the future, the two may be combined.

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