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The worldwide event, The Benefits of the Pilgrim, returns from November 24 to December 1 in all Alliance and Horde capitals as well as in smaller towns:

  • Horde: Bloodhoof (Mulgore), Brill (Tirisfal Glades), Hawk Place (Eternal Song Woods), Trépas-d'Orgrim (Arathi Highlands), Razor Hill (Durotar), Vengebroches Village (Hinterlands), the Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest), Shadow-Prey (Desolace), Pierrêche (Marais des Chagrins), Moulin-de-Tarren (Hillsbrad Foothills), Tranquillien (Ghostlands)
  • Alliance: Azure Watch (Exodar), Northwind Camp (Western Plaguelands), Dolanaar (Teldrassil), Goldshire (Elwynn Forest), Kharanos (Ironforge), Sentinel Hill (Westfall), Eagle's Nest (Hinterlands)
  • Neutral: Chapel of the Hope of Light (Eastern Plaguelands) and Ruins of Thaurissan (Burning Steppes)

You will have various quests and achievements to do on this occasion.

  • Kitchen
  • quests
  • Daily quests
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This event is linked to cooking, so it's the best time to improve your skills thanks to the recipes offered (even if things are much simpler now thanks to the Plowmen). 5 recipes can be purchased during this week from the vendors of the event for 1pa: the cookbook of Bounties (horde / alliance). This container contains 5 recipes needed to do the quests afterwards:

  • Recipe: Spicy bread stuffing / Recipe: Spicy bread stuffing: kitchen 1
  • Recipe: Pumpkin Pie / Recipe: Pumpkin Pie: Cooking 100
  • Recipe: Cranberry Sauce / Recipe: Cranberry Sauce: Cooking 160
  • Recipe: Confit sweet potato / Recipe: Confit sweet potato: cuisine 220
  • Recipe: Roast turkey / Recipe: Roast turkey: cuisine 280
To complete all the quests, therefore plan a minimum of 280 in the kitchen to learn the ultimate recipe. The first recipe requires knowing how to cook spiced bread, the recipe is taught by any master cook (we find some in the biggest camps), from the start of the profession of cook (1).


A quest is offered by a commoner, in the capitals, which leads to the main event camp, either Undercity and Stormwind. This quest begins a sequel, related to the kitchen profession, which will take you for a walk:

  • Fossoyeuse (The spicy bread stuffing) -> Orgrimmar (The pumpkin pie) -> Pitons-du-Tonnerre (The cranberry sauce) -> Orgrimmar (Confit sweet potatoes) -> Undercity (We dig our grave with our teeth) -> Orgrimmar (The roast turkey)
  • Stormwind (The Spicy Bread Stuffing) -> Ironforge (Pumpkin Pie) -> Stormwind (Cranberry Sauce) -> Darnassus (They Are Hungry in Darnassus) -> Stormwind (Candied Sweet Potatoes) -> Darnassus ( Roast turkey)

Before leaving a city, systematically buy the resources necessary for the preparation of the following recipe, from the seller of the benefits of the pilgrim otherwise you will be good for a free round trip. Note that when you go through the forest of Elwynn / the clearings of Tirisfal, you have to kill turkeys, to get 5 (necessary for the last part, roast turkey).

At the end of this ballad, you get a turkey call that allows you to summon a lone turkey!

Daily quests

There are 5 daily quests, the equivalent of the classic quests mentioned above, just as the quantities are increased (20 for each dish). Feed your mount well, it will have to gallop:

  • Orgrimmar (there will never be enough turkey and Don't forget the stuffing!), Pitons-du-Tonnerre (It's cake) and Undercity (We still run out of sauce? And If you have the potato ...)
  • Ironforge (there will never be enough turkey and Don't forget the stuffing!), Darnassus (It's cake) and Stormwind (We're running out of sauce again? And Potatoes for my sweetie)

As before, you need components (20) from another city. I therefore advise you to start from Undercity / Hurlevent (with pumpkins and turkeys) then go to Pitons-du-Tonnerre / Darnassus. You can return the pumpkin quest there and buy the potatoes. Then go to Orgrimmar / Ironforge where you can return the turkey quest and do the spicy bread quest (requiring no components). Before leaving, buy the cranberries and then return to Undercity / Stormwind, you normally have the potatoes and cranberries to finish! You can of course stock up and avoid the final trip.

As a reward for these quests, you will obtain a bag, The Benefits of the Pilgrim, which can contain various items, some of which are necessary for the achievements:

  • Pilgrim's hat
  • Pilgrim's costume
  • Pilgrim outfit
  • Pilgrim dress
  • Pilgrim's boots
  • Dindoflingue
  • New in 2014: Dindoflingue silver plated
  • New for 2014: Refined pilgrim's hat
  • New for 2014: Frightened Thicket Chicken

You will have to do the daily quests 12 times in order to obtain a chest piece, the hat and the 10 turkeys.


There are 9 achievements linked to this world event which allow you to obtain a beautiful mascot, a plump turkey and a title, the pilgrim / pilgrim:

  • Turkeys: Obtain 10 turkeys then transform a thief from each race, alliance and horde (except pandaren) into a turkey. Be careful: the thief must not be already transformed or on a mount, otherwise the turkey will fail.
  • Draenor's Turkey: Go to Outland, Terokkar Forest, level 70 instance of the Sethekk Halls. You must be at least level 55 to be able to enter while from 75-80 you will have no trouble going alone. The two garments of the pilgrim outfit (the hat and an outfit / dress / costume) are obtained as a reward from daily quests and must be equipped to kill the last boss, Ikiss.
  • Pilgrim's Peril (Horde / Alliance): Reuse your robe or costume, then simply sit down at a table in each enemy capital. Good luck on the PvP servers.
  • The pilgrim's share: find a big table in a capital and sit down. Once in place, it's like in a vehicle. Use the first action (pass the dish) and repeat for each chair, corresponding to the 5 required dishes (candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, roast turkey and spicy bread stuffing).
  • Food battle! : When you do the previous achievement, skip food until it validates!
  • The pilgrim's pilgrimage (horde / alliance): just do the 5 daily quests
  • Now we can cook! (horde / alliance): this achievement will automatically be validated by doing the quests (see the cooking section for recipes)!
  • The turkey: you have to kill 40 turkeys in Elwynn Forest / Tirisfal Glades with only 30 seconds between each death (or else you have to start over). Avoid achieving this achievement during peak hours or it can quickly turn into hell!

Have fun and don't overdo the turkey!

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