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Remember, while exploring the 6.1 client currently on the test server, strings were found suggesting that Blizzard had implemented a new account level, called Veteran.

An official communication was published yesterday in this regard. Bashiok explains that currently, if you've never been a WoW subscriber, you can create a trial account and play as much as you want despite the limitations of the Discovery Edition. On the other hand, if you have already been a subscriber, you can no longer even connect. This will change!

From 6.1, accounts that no longer have a subscription will go back to Discovery Edition mode with the same limitations with one exception: veteran characters of level 20 and below will be able to join a guild where one of their other characters is located. .

Internally, they use the term Veteran, but there is little chance that this term will be reused externally. This will simply be the default state for all accounts that no longer have an active subscription.

Perfect Bashiok source

We’ve always had this kind of weird limitation where if you’ve never played WoW we let you play as much as you want, albeit in a very restricted Starter Edition account. However, if you have ever had a subscription--but don’t currently have one--we don’t even let you log in. In 6.1 we’ll effectively revert lapsed accounts into a Starter Edition “mode”, with all of the same restrictions. The one difference being that your sub-level 20 characters will be able to join a guild if any of your other characters are still in that guild.

The label for this mode internally is “Veteran”, and those are the strings that were datamined, but it’s unlikely to be a term we use to any great degree externally. It will simply be the default state for accounts that don’t currently have an active subscription.

Veteran strings

ERR_GUILD_TRIAL_ACCOUNT_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot join guilds without an existing character in the guild.
CAP_REACHED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition cap reached.
ERR_INVITE_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot invite characters into groups. [Click To Upgrade]
ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot perform that action
CALENDAR_ERROR_MODERATOR_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot modify Calendar events.
MONEY_CAP_REACHED_VETERAN:: You already have the maximum amount of money on a Veteran Edition account. [Click Here] to upgrade your account!
ERR_PETITION_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts may not sign guild charters. [Click To Upgrade]
ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_LFG_LIST_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot use this feature.
SPELL_FAILED_VETERAN_TRIAL_ABOVE_SKILL_RANK_MAX:: Not available for trial accounts
CAPPED_MONEY_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition money cap reached.
ERR_YELL_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot yell. [Click To Upgrade]
ERR_CHAT_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot send unlimited tells. You must wait before you can send tells to more players. [Click To Upgrade]
CAPPED_LEVEL_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition level cap reached.
LEVEL_CAP_REACHED_VETERAN:: You have reached the maximum possible level on a Veteran Edition account. [Click Here] to upgrade your account!
CHAT_TRIAL_RESTRICTED_NOTICE_VETERAN:: Veteran Edition accounts cannot send messages to this channel. [Click To Upgrade]
ERR_FEATURE_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: Feature not available for Veteran Edition accounts.
CHAT_RESTRICTED_VETERAN:: A Veteran Edition account may only send whispers to characters that have you on their friends list. |cffffd000|HurlIndex:2|h[Click To Upgrade]|h|r

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