WoW - Farm: Digging Up Your Vegetable Garden

When we arrive at Micolline, after a few quests, Farmer Yoon explains the basics of the tough job of a farmer. To locate things, Micolline is a small town located in the middle of the Valley of the Four Winds (zone 86-87).

If you're interested in the story, the farm is a small patch of land, named Sunsong Farm, a heirloom from farmer Yoon's grandfather, the NPC who gives us the tutorial quest line. This pandaren is also very unhappy because the local Laborers consider him a city dweller, an intruder, having nothing to do in the fields.


Lesson 1: seeds

To complete this quest, you must go talk to the Seed Merchant at the end of the market. Locate where it is because you will often have to buy components from it. This gentleman assures us of the best quality, his seeds giving the best vegetables in the valley (at the same time, I couldn't find another seed seller!)

The first seed pouch is free (which delighted Yoon who tried his hand at puns: "you deserved ... a little wheat!") And all that remains is to learn how to plant them.


Lesson 2: plow and plant

To plow, it's very simple, just click on the land. And to plant, you must select the plowed land and click on the seed, in its bag, previously purchased from the seed merchant. In this first quest, we plant collard greens (yuck!):

What may surprise more than a real gardener, however, is how quickly the seeds grow. Indeed, barely planted, young shoots are already emerging from the ground! Joon explains it by the exceptional properties of this valley, ideal for agriculture: "there is a je ne sais quoi in the soil that makes vegetables grow at breakneck speed" he tells us. That's for sure !


Lesson 3: water the plantations

Once a seed has been planted, the plantation can be in several states that require our intervention, including the "dried out" state. To counter a dry effect, you must use a watering can on the plan that will become healthy!

For certain conditions (infested, desiccated), "tools" are needed to deal with the concern of the plant. These tools are all on the right above, around the big stump. Little tip: if you ever can't find an item you need, look in your bags! They are unique and disappear from the decor once taken. At the end of the quest, Yoon tells us that he is at our disposal for any advice:


Lesson 4: the harvest

Once a plant has reached maturity, it is possible to harvest it. Normally, you have to wait until the next day to be able to harvest your vegetables but, exceptionally, for the needs of the tutorial, you can immediately harvest your cabbages (Do-P!). To do this, nothing could be simpler, just click on the map, as when harvesting via herbalism.

This first harvest will earn you 10 achievement points, Green arpents: successfully harvesting your first crop.

Once these magnificent cabbages have been harvested, Yoon is very happy and summarizes the basics of the farmer's profession for us:


Lesson 5: Micolline Market

This quest introduces another activity of the place: the reputation among the inhabitants of the village. Indeed, as he explains, it is possible to give gifts to members of the Plowmen and thus increase their reputation with 10 NPCs. Gina's first gift, a swamp lily, is free and can be found right next to Yoon (under the stilts of the little house). In return, she offers us a little advice:

Now that we have met, Onidra, let me give you a little advice. Locals can help you grow your farm, but you need to be friends with them first. You are too inexperienced to help them or bring them presents so come back when you have earned stripes.


Lesson 6: Gina's vote

From there, we will have to plant shallots and wait the next day for it to grow (after midnight). Be very vigilant every day before planting your seeds, because quests will ask you to bring back vegetables. Finally, at worst, there is always the shovel that allows you to plow your land again.

Good culture!

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