WoW - Farm: Donation and Bags

The farm in the Valley of the 4 Winds evolves with the updates and 5.2 is no exception to the rule with an entire section dedicated to the improvements made with this patch. Did you know that you could become an acquirer?


Farm donation

Once Exalted with the Plowmen and all 16 farm slots unlocked, talk to Nana Mudclaw which is in the village of Micolline (54.7, 47), the highest house (towards the north), to obtain the quest for the good soil:

 As you know, Onidra, I am no longer in my early youth. Pandarens cannot stay young and vigorous forever.

I'm looking for someone to replace me at the Plowmen's Union and I can't think of anyone better than Farmer Yoon for that.

He's got a lot to learn, but he's got his head on his shoulders and most importantly he's generous.

Do you think that would interest him?

So we're going to talk with Yoon, as always next to the farm.

Farmer Yoon, do you agree to take over the leadership of the Laborers' union?

Nana Peatclaw wants me to lead the Laborers union? Think of all the knowledge I could pass on to you. Think of all the fruits and vegetables you could grow! Well ... I don't think I have time to work for the union, AND take care of the Chant du Soleil farm. This farm has been in my family for generations. How could I give it up? But an even greater responsibility calls me. There is only one solution. I have to join the council. As for the farm ...

Onidra, I offer you the Chant du Soleil farm! You are responsible for it now!

I should go tell Nana. The farm is yours now, Onidra. I know you will take good care of it.

We then go back to warn Nana of the good news, she is delighted. Certain that the Plowmen are in good hands, she can now retire. Once back in (my) farm, no more farmer Yoon! He has disappeared, called for his new tasks ... We find him very happily seated at the market (for daily quests or those who would still need his advice), he seems overwhelmed ...

Return to the farm to see what has changed

  • the work orders post (I invite you to read my article on this subject):

  • a cart at the bottom of the field where the completed work orders are placed

  • house turned into an inn


Seed bags

Now, there are bags of seeds that allow you to plant 4 by 4, a significant time saver for the 16 plans of the farm. We click on the bag, we aim thanks to an area, and presto, it's dead!

These bags can be purchased directly from the seed vendor, the Green Earth merchant (4gp 50 for vegetables and 30g for special seeds). You can also go to his little assistant, Milly Greenfield, to exchange 30 seeds for a bag (works for all seeds).

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