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I have kept all the letters sent by the Plowmen once "Best Friend" with each of them. It doesn't add much in itself but I found it funny!

  1. Ella
  2. Gina Mudclaw
  3. Old Patte des Hauts
  4. Sho
  5. I play the Ivrogne
  6. Pelage de Roseau tide
  7. Haohan Mudclaw
  8. Farmer Fung
  9. Tina Peat Claw

Strangely, Chii Chii didn't send me anything (or did I delete it? ..).



Subject: A Letter from Ella

Hello Onidra,

I hope you are well.

I'm glad we're on such good terms, so here are some little gifts. I didn't want you to be bored on your farm, so I'm sending you my favorite cat, Luna. Please take good care of her.

I hope these trees bring you as much happiness as they gave me in the past.

Your friend,


Farmer Fung

Subject: A Letter from Farmer Fung

Hello Onidra,

Now that we are real friends, I would like to give you some little gifts. You know, the Fung family are known for their exceptional yaks, so I'm giving you one of my finest beasts! Take care of my good old Tou Fu, okay?

If not, have you ever tried growing cryptic seeds? The beauty of these seeds is that it can germinate any Pandaria plant!

If you are lucky, you might get a Golden Lotus, a rare plant.

See you soon !
Farmer Fung


Haohan Mudclaw

Subject: A Letter from Haohan

Hello, neighbor!

You may be from the city, you are a good person after all! To prove to you how much I appreciate you, I will offer you one of my favorite mushans, Miss Fifi! You will find it on your farm today.

In addition, to show you my appreciation, I offer you these very rare seeds.

Come see me one of these days, you will tell me how you are doing!



Pelage de Roseau tide

Subject: A Letter of Tide

Hello, Onidra!

What's up ? Are you reading this letter from the big city you told me about?

Either way, your farm looks really great, so I figured I was going to give my best friend a hand by giving you some freebies.

I sent you some pigs. There is no good farmer without some beautiful pigs! I also give you my supply of special seeds.

I hope to see you again soon !



I play the Ivrogne

Subject: A Letter from Jogu

Shalut, Onidra,

Now that we are like the fingers of our hands, I am going to share with you my most precious possession ... my secret reserve.

This is the collection of the best aged drinks I have ever had to drink!

And feel free to come back and talk to me when you want a free preview.

To your wish ...




Subject: A Letter from Sho


Thanks for helping out in the mountains. Next time you go to your farm, check out the orange tree I planted. It represents our friendship.

I also found this little guy in the bushes the other day. He's cute, but he makes too much noise for me to keep him.

I thought maybe you would like it.

Have a nice trip to you,


Old Patte des Hauts

Subject: A letter from Old Patte des Hauts


I was never very good with words, but I wanted to send you something to thank you for all the help you have given me on the farm.

I thought your farm looked a little empty, so I sent you some of my darling chickens. Take good care of them and don't let these rooster obsessives wear them out.

Since I had this hat lying around, I thought I was going to give it to you too. It is very useful for protecting the face from the sun.

Paw des Hauts


Gina Mudclaw

Subject: A letter from Gina

Hello, Onidra!

Since you are my best friend now, a little party is in order. Come to the Micolline market to relax a bit!

I'll even let you shoot those fireworks at the market. If you are careful not to start a fire, not like Chii Chii ...

Anyway, I hope to see you very soon!

Your neighbour,
Gina Mudclaw

P.-S. Is your mailbox working well? Hope you like it.


Tina Peat Claw

Subject: A letter from Tina

Dear Onidra,

Now that we have established a friendly relationship, I hope I will see you more often! I have asked that some furniture be installed in your house on the Chant du Soleil farm. I hope that pleases you.

I also made this meal for you, because I know you work hard on the farm.

Remember to take care of your health!


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