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You might have noticed it already, or maybe not, but a bird by the name of Pepe is playing hide and seek in your Garrison. By clicking on this cute little bird, it climbs on your head and you get the Grandpa buff. This lasts an hour and does not persist after death.

You can also get the Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle toy which allows you to summon Grandpa without having to click on it from your Garrison. This toy can be obtained by completing the Dimensional Travel achievement, which consists of defeating multiple bosses with Grandpa on their heads. First, go click on Grandpa in your Garrison. Here is its location for the Alliance and for the Horde:


Now the goal for you is to kill the bosses with the Grandpa buff on their heads. Here are the bosses you need to kill to get the achievement:

  • Dungeon bosses
  • Raid Boss
  • Outside bosses
  • Gug'rokk (Bloodmaul Mines)
  • Warlord Zaela (Summit of Blackrock Peak)
  • Sky Lord Tovra (Grimrail Depot)
  • Ner'zhul (Sacred Lands of Shadowmoon)
  • Crânoc (Which of Fer)
  • Yalnu (The Eternal Flora)
  • Great Sage Viryx (Skywalker)
  • Teron'gor (Auchindoun)
  • Kargath Lamepoing (Cognefort)
  • The Butcher (Cognefort)
  • Fougerme (Cognefort)
  • Tectus (Cognefort)
  • Twin Ogrons (Cognefort)
  • Ko'ragh (Cognefort)
  • Imperator Mar'gok (Cognefort)
  • Mangeroc (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Gruul (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Hans'gar and Franzok (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Ka'graz Flame Curve (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Beast Lord Darmac (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Thogar Conductor (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Blast furnace (Fonderie des Rochenoires)
  • Kromog (Blackrock Foundry)
  • The Iron Maidens (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Main-Noire (Blackrock Foundry)
  • Drov the Devastator (Gorgrond)
  • Tarlna the Eternal (Gorgrond)
  • Rukhmar (Spiers of Arak)

To summarize, you need to kill the 3 Worldboss, finish the 8 dungeons present in Warlords of Draenor, and defeat all the bosses in Highmaul and the Blackrock Foundry. Once this is done, you and Grandpa could frolic all summer long in the prairies of Nagrand!


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