WoW - WoD: jungle de Tanaan

Accessible directly from the capital by speaking to a large NPC placed there for the occasion, the Tanaan jungle is a dangerous place where our hero finds himself confronted for the first time with the Iron Horde. The story begins at the Dark Portal (where some textures are still missing).


From there, we have a first vision of the local landscape, typical of a lush jungle: tall trees and a greenish earth. The sky is threatening and the storm is brewing.

Unfortunately, the portal has some kind of technical problem and here we are really in a bad position, finding ourselves in a small group in a hostile country. On the Alliance side, our first contact on site is Archmage Khadgar.

We even come across Thrall.

The Horde and Alliance once again forced to work together to win.

I am not going to detail you all the quests, one by one, it would spoil you the surprise and not particularly exciting. In short, we have to fight many enemies, each more dangerous and Machiavellian than the next.

My favorite villain: Main-Noire! He has class.

This starting area, in addition to introducing the story, is an opportunity to offer a tutorial to new level 90 players who have used a sesame. These characters do not have all of their skills and gain more as you go through the quests. The Archmage is the first to offer us our skills which are organized by groups. I have identified 4:

  • Sustained Combat
  • Cooldowns
  • Control mechanisms
  • Advanced combat mechanics

Skill groups


Once the skills have been acquired, it's the turn of the talents, from rank 15 to rank 90. ​​In this screenshot on the right, a little anecdote, you will certainly have noticed the yellow alert "Awesome in Game Event". There is going to be something great, I'm telling you!

As we had already been told, at the end of the history of this zone, nothing goes any more. We must bring down the Iron Horde, which attacks relentlessly. We then have the opportunity to climb into a machine with a lot of firepower as World of Warcraft has the secret.

And, in the end, the only solution is to leak. Cemeteries are full of heroes, it seems. You will notice that the Horde is the first to flee, being ahead of the Alliance!

Are these boats not magnificent?

Barely saved from the jungle, head to the Shadow Moon Valley (Alliance) or the Frostfire Ridge (Horde). I have already presented these areas, so no need to come back to them here, I invite you to reread my articles on this subject for more details.

One last information, however, before concluding: the first quest is an opportunity to unlock our ultimate skills.


The jungle takes us as promised on an adventure where we have no time to breathe. The Horde as well as the Alliance are in a desperate situation and it takes experienced heroes like us to hope to survive but above all to win!

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