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Formerly abandoned, the mine still contains precious riches.

This special building does not consume a Garrison slot, it is set and will be unlocked by completing a quest in the Garrison accessible at level 92 in a level 2 Garrison. The Lunarfall Excavation / The Wall-of-Give Mine allows to collect ore even if you do not have the mining profession. In the mine, there are sometimes monsters that have a small chance to drop a pet, Protector goren.


Not unlocked

When the building is not unlocked, a small padlock is indicated on the fief's map:

When we arrive, the mine seems in a rather critical situation, attacked by Gorens.


A quest will ask us to enter the tunnels to kill a boss at the back, Dent-de-Pierre.


Once the boss is killed, a small level 94 boss, the mine is secure and inside there are now ores.


The mine passes level 1!


1 level

Allows players to mine Draenic Stones from ore deposits on Draenor. Draenic Stones can be converted into Commands to obtain Draenor Ore.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

Some pictures of the galleries.


The plan is similar to that of the Alliance.

Some pictures of the galleries.


Every day, you can collect ores in the mine and, in addition, have a chance to get Draenic Stones. You can also get archeology fragments.


2 level

Allows subjects with the Mining trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also opens a gallery that allows access to new deposits and allows up to 14 orders at a time.

The building can be upgraded to level 2 with a plan to buy 1000 gp.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

It hasn't changed on the outside.

On the other hand, the mine is much bigger now (I am there at the entrance).

In the new gallery, there is a small, well-appointed room.

It hasn't changed on the outside.

Inside, same plan as for the Alliance with a new tunnel.

At the bottom of this new gallery, some supplies for the mine.

If we place a subject with Mining, it is possible to recover wagons. In addition to giving additional stones and ore, several interesting items can be collected:

  • Preserved Miner's Pickaxe: Allows you to extract resources faster from the fief's mines. You do not need to equip this item. (1 min 30 s cooldown)
  • Miner's Coffee: Increases character running speed by 20% for 10 min. Only works in the Garrison Mine. (1 min 30 s cooldown)



3 level

A final gallery allows you to access rich deposits. In addition, garrison guards will monitor your mine and protect it from hostile gorens. Also allows up to 21 commands at a time.

To get the level 3 blueprint, you must complete the Draenic Stone Collector achievement (to be continued in the Professions category) requiring you to collect 500 Draenic Stones. So there is not much to do other than mine. You should have your 500 stones in about 15 days of picking up at a level 2 mine.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

Thank you @Calucifer_

Feel free to send screenshots of your level 3 building!

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