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At the Micolline Market, Sung Shin Ironpaw introduces us to a new NPC (thanks to the quest do you want fish?): Ben of the Thundering Voice. You will find it by going up the river towards the north, at the level of the small bridge (58, 46).

This pandaren is a master fisherman, he gives a quest to explain fishing (unnecessary fishing rods), learns the trade and sells objects ... But above all, he indicates the position of the good fishing spot of the day!

Originally collected by the El's Extreme Anglin 'site (source), this new fishing event takes place in Pandaria exclusively:

  • only one good active corner per kingdom
  • always in defined places
  • possibility that the good fishing spot will stay in the same place for several days
  • static for 24 hours minimum

When you are on the spot, a good fishing spot is:

  • many schools of fish reappearing very quickly with typical fish from the region
  • a school of fish with a larger diameter hiding a sea monster, Krakkanon (boss 90 elite with 19M health points)
  • NPC fishermen who take advantage of the place


This boss is not very strong, I managed to kill him without difficulty with my thief, so without real ability to heal. He hits around 22k (on leather) and regularly casts Gurrggggle, a big throw of water (do not stay in front).
The boss gave me 20 Tiger Gourami, a Flying Tiger Gourami, and Nat's Fishing Log, an account-linked item that increases his fishing by 50.


There are several places currently identified across Pandaria:

  • Steppes de Tanglong : Niuzao Fields (Red-bellied Mandarin: small lake north of the Temple)
  • Kun-Lai Summit : Binan village (Hedgehog fish: just north of the village), Pandashan monastery
  • Jade Forest : village of Sri-la (Jade dipneuste: southwest of the lake, in the slightly swollen part of the river and Reef Octopus to the southeast at the mouth)
  • Vale of Eternal Spring (Danio gem: southwest of the lake in front of the Mogu'shan Palace)
  • Valley of the Four Winds (Emperor salmon: east of the Brasserie Brune-d'Orage)
  • Krasarang Wilds (Krasarang Spoonfish: West of Cranewing Refuge)
In addition to the marker Ben put on, this is evident on the minimap:

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