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Warning ! This guide is intended for the Fury Warrior in 6.0. As in all MMOs, the classes are doomed to some alterations according to the updates. Some information may therefore change with future versions of the game.


Strength> Critical> Mastery> Multiple strikes> Haste> Versatility


Talents & Glyphs

The advantage of the Fury Warrior is that it can be played in a number of ways without worry. Depending on your playstyle and / or the combat you will have to fight, you can switch on the fly from a single-target DPS to a multi-target DPS by modifying a few talents (Tip: always have a few Tome of the Open Mind with you ). It's rather practical and it allows you to vary the pleasures!

In terms of glyphs, we will try to maximize the generation and increase the maximum limit of rage, Charge of the Bull and Interminable Rage are therefore to be favored. Since the goal of any DPS is to do maximum damage, the Glyph of Brutal Interruption is a good choice, since it increases your damage by 6% for a few seconds.







Damage, still damage, even more damage. The Fury warrior is aptly named, he strikes like the barbarian of Diablo with rage and ferocity. Each hit must do a maximum of damage, which is why we will fully increase our critical strike chance. Superior Critical Strike Taladite is the perfect gem for this.



Same story as with gems, we will choose enchantments that increase the chances of making critical hits.

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