WoW - Guide - Warrior Protection 6.0

Warning ! This guide is intended for the protection warrior of 6.0. As in all MMOs, the classes are doomed to some alterations according to the updates. Some information may therefore change with future versions of the game.

It is one of the most beloved tanks in the game, so much fun to play and powerful in raid optics. And that's even more true since Warlords of Draenor. The protection warrior is a specialty that could not be more interesting: very mobile, terribly resistant thanks to his mastery of blocking, and having nice control spells, the Tank Warrior does everything very well, and is also not very difficult to control.



Bonus Armor> Mastery> Critical> Versatility> Haste> Multiple Strikes


Talents & Glyphs

The goal of Warrior Protection is to take the blows instead of his group, using his shield and his control spells, he will achieve it without too much difficulty. We will therefore take talents that increase resistance, mobility and maintain a high level of threat. The talents page is visible here if you want a description of each talent.

In terms of glyphs, we will choose Bull's Charge to have a sufficiently high level of rage from the start of the fight, we will also take the chain glyph to effectively manage monster packs and inflict a little more damage. We will complete with the Glyph of brutal interruption, practical in all circumstances.



In terms of gemmage, not much to eat, so we will increase the Mastery statistic as much as possible thanks to the Taladite red gem of superior Mastery.



Same thing here, we will enchant the items in order to increase the Mastery statistic. Except for the weapon, which will be enchanted to increase the Armor Bonus statistic.

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