WoW - Hotfix 5.2: March 12

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You can find the list of fixes applied to the game since 5.2 at this address with in particular the last changes made on March 12.

  • Classes
    • Our systems design manager tells you all about the recent class changes.
    • Death Knight
      • Blood
        • Runic Strike now deals 25% more damage.
      • Frosted
        • Howling Flurry's area of ​​effect collateral damage is proportional to 50% of the damage taken by the primary target (was 65%).
      • Impious
        • Unholy Frenzy damage will no longer remove damage-neutralized crowd control effects.
    • Mage
      • Talents
        • Frost Bomb now deals 40% more damage. Frost Bomb now deals 60% of its damage when used against other players, down from 80%.
        • Living Bomb now deals 40% more damage.
        • Void Storm now deals 40% more damage.
    • Moine
      • Windwalker
        • Spirits summoned by Storm, Earth, and Fire should now deal an appropriate amount of damage with Searing Jade Wind.
    • Priest
      • Shadow Word: Pain now deals 25% less damage.
    • Warlock
      • General
        • Corruption now deals 25% less damage.
      • Talents
        • Bloody Horror now only activates at a minimum of 5% of the Warlock's health to match their actual health cost (was 20%).
      • Demonology
        • Doomsday now deals 25% less damage.
    • Guerrier
      • Protection
        • Deep Wounds now deals 50% more damage to Protection Warriors.
        • Shield Slam now deals 25% more damage.
  • quests
    • “Flight to Firelands”: Fixed an issue where players could not complete the quest.
    • "Pterrible Ptourment": Increased spawn rate of Tormented Skyscraper and fixed an issue where players were unable to complete the quest in certain situations.
  • Mascot fights
    • Righteous Grimoire is now a rare quality mascot.
  • Raids, dungeons, and scenarios
    • Our Combat Design Manager responds to your comments on the raid boss fixes.
    • Iron Throne
      • Horridon
        • Reduced the health of reinforcements in the fight against Horridon by 15% for normal mode with 10 players, and by 10% for normal mode with 25 players.
      • Lei Shen
        • Fixed an issue where images of the Past Self created by Alter Time could be killed during the encounter.
      • Megaera
        • Reduced the health of Megaera heads for Normal and Heroic difficulty to 10 players.
      • Zandalari Council
        • Kazra'jin's Reckless Charge should no longer strike players twice in a row at the point of impact.
    • Scholomance
      • Fixed an issue in Challenge Mode where players would not validate an achievement after the death of Lilian Voss.
  • PvP
    • Malevolent Gladiator's Finishing Fist now matches Malevolent Gladiator's Reprieve in terms of potency (PvP) and resilience (PvP). The additional 274 points of power (PvP) has been replaced by 274 points of resilience (PvP).
  • Battlefield
    • Heirloom item secondary stat weighting should now apply correctly on battlegrounds.
  • Objects
    • Improvements for the unlucky have been added to jewelry that uses the actual PPM system.
      • The chance of a Jewel's effects triggering when entering combat has been increased.
      • Each time a jewel does not trigger, its chance to subsequently trigger increases.
      • Increased the chance to trigger strength and agility trinkets from the Iron Throne by 10%.
      • Increased the chance to trigger Intellect and Spirit-oriented Jewels from Game of Thrones by 5%.
  • Bugfix
    • Fixed an issue where players could not access the second stage of the Isle of Thunder Daily Quests.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to search the corpse of rare creatures on Isle of Thunder.
    • Players will no longer automatically dismount when flying over the Goldrinn Shrine.

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