WoW - Hotfix 5.2: March 21

You can find the list of fixes applied to the game since 5.2 at this address with in particular the last changes made on March 21.

  • Classes
    • Warlock
      • The Demon Gate should no longer disappear when the Warlock moves too far away from it.
  • quests
    • Chamberlain Pieces: Statue pieces no longer disappear when picked up, allowing other players to pick them up as well.
    • Cold as a Stone: Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with Gravekeeper Statues.
  • Creatures
    • Oondastas for everyone! Oondasta now reappears much more frequently.
    • The principle of non-intervention is again in force for Black Market Guards in the event of clashes between the Horde and the Alliance (PvP combat).
  • Raids, dungeons and scenarios
    • Throne of thunder
      • The gastropod should now show a preference for ranged attackers.
      • The number of creatures in the area leading to Ji Kun has been reduced for Raid Tool mode.
      • Players who gained an additional dice roll after defeating Iron Qwon on Heroic difficulty could receive a non-heroic version of the Milestone Mark; this has been corrected.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Lei Shen's damage from Shattering Thunder, Lightning Lash, Overload, and Unloaded Energy from being reduced by Feint.
      • Twin concubines
        • Suen and Lu'lin health reduced on Heroic difficulty to 25.
    • Icecrown Citadel
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Loot Maintainers from awarding Frost Shadow Shards to another player.
    • Temple d'Ahn'Qiraj
      • Prophet Skeram has loot again and is no longer creating illusions just yet. It will return to normal in a future update.
  • Objects
    • The casting time required to complete the ritual to summon bosses using Shan'ze Ritual Stones on Isle of Thunder has been reduced from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • All Unusual Quality (green) loot items on Isle of Thunder should now be disenchantable.
    • Darkmoon Whistle should no longer disrupt other players' camouflage.
    • Essence of the Breeze should now only be usable on the Pandarian Continent.

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