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On the Isle of Thunder, we have 3 new achievements related to Chroniclers, requiring scrolls to be found across the island. I use the TomTom add-on for my part to allow me to find these rare ones, so do not hesitate to do the same, it is very practical!

Zandalari prophecy

Discover each of the artifacts telling the story of the Zandalari and their dark prophecy in Pandaria.

  1. The Force of Age : 35.2, 70.1 (at the foot of a large statue, on the left side of the road when heading south).
  2. Shadows of the loa : 36.4, 70.3 (in a tent above, behind a spiritweave).
  3. Our king and council : 68.8, 45.7 (on the upper deck, just next to the stairs, of the boat which regularly moores at the Sea of ​​Storms landing stage. Try a decoration / recce on site if the boat does not arrive).
  4. The dark prophet Zul : 52.7, 41.5 (in the enclosure, to the north-west, next to the small cages with fleshy goats).

TomTom macro

/ way 35.2, 70.1 Force of Ages
/ way 36.4, 70.3 Shadows of the Loa
/ way 68.8, 45.7 Our king and council
/ way 52.7, 41.5 The Dark Prophet Zul



Thunder rumbles

Discover each of the artifacts telling the story of Lei Shen, the Thunder King, in Pandaria.

  1. Lei Shen : 40.2, 40.8 (in the ruins, up above, behind the wall of the Hordid Camp).
  2. Unity has a cost : 34.9, 65.5 (in the building, on the ground floor, at the back).
  3. The sacred mount : 47.0, 59.9 (based on the temple, on the southeast side).
  4. The question of the Pandaren : 60.6, 68.7 (in the Alliance camp, against a destroyed statue, lying on the ground).

TomTom macro

/way 40.2, 40.8 Lei Shen
/ way 34.9, 65.5 Unit has a cost
/ way 47.0, 59.9 The Holy Mount
/ way 60.6, 68.7 Question of the Pandaren



Gods and monsters

Discover each of the objects telling the story of the dark origin of the mogu in Pandaria.

  1. Officers of the Order : 34.9, 54,9 (at the base of the mogu statue, the one on the left (not broken) when you go up the stairs).
  2. The Shadow, the Storm and the Stone : 59.3, 26.5 (north-west of the Tonnerre forges).
  3. The curse and the silence : 49.9, 20.3 (on the edge of the cliff).
  4. The era of the hundred kings : 62.5, 37.7 (in the great hall of Nalak, against a reclining statue).

TomTom macro

/ way 34.9, 54,9 Officers of the Order
/ way 59.3, 26.5 The Shadow, the Storm and the Stone
/ way 49.9, 20.3 The Curse and the Silence
/ way 62.5, 37.7 The Age of the Hundred Kings



And that's it for the ballad with the chroniclers and some of the new achievements related to the Isle of Tonnerre.

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