WoW - Screenplay: Pierre-Verte

This scenario, planned for 3 characters of level 90, takes place in 5 phases which will make it possible to free the village from the invaders.

  • Phase 1: save the villagers
  • Phase 2: save the dojo
  • Phase 3: recover the stolen barrels
  • Phase 4: save the masons of Pierre-Verte
  • Phase 5: Defeat the Vengeful Hui


Phase 1

When we arrive in the village, Zue la Trouillarde immediately sets the mood by shouting: "Aaah! Monsters are attacking Pierre-Verte! FLY!". Fortunately for the villagers, no one listens to him and the group courageously advances to save the villagers (they are represented by a small bubble on the map):

  • La et Llupo
  • Master Lin
  • Mella
  • Shung, the Corpulent
  • Scribe Rinji
  • Swan

Watch out for the many enemies that haunt the town's main square: Cursed Jade, Death Flower, Cunning Wood Fairy and above all Green Stone Terror. The latter sometimes throw small green pebbles in front of them (bursts of terror). As they are rarely alone, it can quickly become painful if you find yourself facing 2 or 3!

There are also belligerent flowers that make red areas on the ground ... like all areas on the ground, staying in them is not a good idea.

One of the villagers, Master Lin tells us more about the reasons for this attack: "The local earth spirit, Hui, is furious that we have hired adventurers to get rid of his evil goblins. I understand that this is so. may upset him, but this attack has gone way too far. "


Phase 2

Once all the villagers are saved, the Tzu dojo is attacked by a jade beast, a big green lion with 3.15M of life points that will have to be killed.

The combat does not present any particular difficulty, the lion is content to charge a random player from time to time which forces the contact classes to run behind, nothing very unusual!


Phase 3

We must now recover the barrels of stolen beer and bring them to the village dojo. To do this, just locate them using the small gears, on the mini-map, clean the enemies around and climb on them to roll the barrel to the dojo. It is important to first kill any nearby monster because if you take damage while you are on the barrel, it is destroyed (and incidentally it crashes the achievement).

As the master brewer Tzu says so well, saving the village is daring ... But bringing back the beer is HEROIC!


Perfect delivery: bring back 6 stolen barrels without taking any damage.


Phase 4

After having saved the villagers, we must now save the masons of Pierre-Verte and wake up the unconscious villagers:

  • Kiri Sloes of Jade
  • Huo the Baracked
  • Lon stonemason
These 3 people are located north of the village, in the Masons district.

We find on the way (and on the spot) the same types of enemies. Take the road or cut through the forest, the result is pretty much the same as there are flowers, terrors and goblins everywhere! You have a new special ability, Greenstone Explosive Beer, which deals area damage (not to be used for the achievement).


I'll save it for later: complete the Pierre-Verte scenario without using explosive beer.


Phase 5

As soon as the 3 saved and awakened masons arrive the final boss, the vengeful Hui, shouting: "Flee, cowardly villagers! This land once again belongs to nature and to her alone!".

This small fire elemental has 5.91M health and its main ability is to attract many small enemies with its summon cuttings spell. These adds are easily killed thanks to the Thundering Beer which does around 100k damage with each add (while they have 40k health points). To do the achievement (which I remind you forbids to use Explosive Beer), predict classic area damage.

Hope is reborn for Pierre-Verte!

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