WoW - Item Improvements (5.3)

After the introduction in 5.1 of a system to improve items for PvE (Valor and Justice) and PvP (Conquest and Honor) coins, in 5.2, the NPCs offering these services have gone on vacation for a while. that players acquire new items through their points. These vacations made it possible to reassess this system.

Editing PvE Items

  • Voidbinding NPCs return from vacation and resume their place in capitals and shrines.
  • For Valor items, you will have to spend 250 points for 4 levels, for 8 levels at most.
  • For Justice items, it will be necessary to spend 750 points for 8 levels (the cost is higher, because Justice points are obtained more easily since 5.2).

The PvE upgrade system is retained, as it is a means of progression against tough bosses. And it's also a way to keep some value in Valor Points, no matter how fast you progress.

There was a downside to upgrading items, requiring difficult choices to be made due to point caps. In 5.3, the costs are reduced, so you will have less to think about if you prefer to improve a particular item.


Editing PvP Items

  • For Malevolent Gladiator's Conquest items, they will still be modifiable for the same cost.
  • For Dreadful Gladiator's Honor items, they will still be modifiable for the same cost.
  • Other PvP items will not be upgradeable, and future items will not use the upgrade system until further notice.

The item enhancement is therefore removed for PvP.

In PvP, item acquisition is done almost entirely through currency. Points are therefore always useful and you have to earn a lot to progress. According to unanimous feedback on the subject, the management of improvements was no longer necessary.


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What do you think ? Did you improve a lot of items in 5.1?

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