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On the test server, from the sanctuary, a teleportation portal allows you to go to this new island, the Isle of Thunder:

Here's a look from my character's perspective horde : starting camp, repeatable quests, normal quests and landscapes. Of course, since this is all from the test server, that may change between now and deployment. The card is currently unavailable (all green) but the area is damn big. Impossible to locate on the general map of Pandaria ... I thought it was this island, in the northeast, but nothing allows me to confirm it today. Also note that flying mounts are not allowed (not unlike the island of Quel'Danas). Here is the card that MMOChampion was able to extract:


Base camp: Promontory of Cherchelaube

This camp is managed by the blood elves, so we find a classic architecture of these great manipulators of magic.

In order to ward off any attack, we have different defense items: on my right, the Sunreaver mana collector and on my left a Sunreaver Perimeter Guard. You can click on it and it triggers a spell, with no effect on me (so I assume planned against possible attackers).



Repeatable quests

There are many quests available, currently untranslated. Here is the bundle I got on day one:

Harbringers of the Loa

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

You have to kill specific NPCs here and there on the map, often in tents. They are easily recognizable because they are identified as messengers!


Among the Bones

24 in 72 pa, 350 reputation points with "5.2 Horde" as well as a chest (grand pandaren banquet)

We must kill this villain, on the beach, an elite with 4M7 points of life. The advantage, like all these big monsters now, is that you don't have to be grouped together, you just have to participate in the fight. Note that this Zandalari is not easily solotable (depending on its class and its equipment, of course).


Dangers of Trolltonshire

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

This quest involves killing 12 Zandalari Trolls in the village of Trollville, including the messengers, seen above, that count towards this quest.


Heinous Sacrifice

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

3 altars must be destroyed, each time guarded by a priest (Cha'lat, Tec'uat and Pa'chek). These opponents are not very strong but respawn rather quickly, so don't delay destroying the altar if you don't want to kill them twice.


Preventing a future threat

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

This quest is the funniest of the bunch and involves scaring small Pterodactyls by running around in an area where they are full. You just have to pass nearby, so you find yourself running around every corner with the little dinosaurs flying away.


The Shuddering Moor

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

A new big bad guy, the Fascist Devilsaur, reminiscent of painful encounters at Un'goro Crater. This big dinosaur with 4.7M life points is once again difficult to solo (depending on the equipment and the class) but since everyone can participate, no doubt that it will be simplified by the presence in the area of ​​many players. .


Eyes in the fog

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

You have to kill one-eyed beasts (Creeping Moor Beast) that roam the swamp. We were only 2-3 in the area and already it was lacking in critters, so hopefully they will add some (or increase the respawn time).


Here are the new quests obtained today (knowing that the first 4 are taken directly at the camp, the next 3 are to be collected from the scout captain Elsia giving a final quest once completed, Save our scouts).


Pterrible Ptorment

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

The big tormented pterodactyl must be freed by killing the 4 Zandalari bowweavers that hold it.


Dark offerings

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

Kinds of boxes are dispatched in County-of-Trollville, click on them to destroy 6 of them.


Surgical death

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

There are many Trollville Trolls to be killed: Beastcaller, Jaguar Warrior, and Spiritbinder.


Bestiary of Starling

Once the scout is found, hidden under an invisibility bubble, it gives us back several other quests (Saur Loser, Direhorn vs Devilsaur and Dino Might).


Saur Loser

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

You should kill 10 trolls of any type.


Direhorn vs Devilsaur

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

At the end of the camp, the zandalari hold back a poor defiant Direhorn with ropes. So you have to kill them all to free him and he goes off, quite happy, to do a little carnage of trolls!


Dino Might

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

You have to recover 5 saurian fetishes, on the trolls in the area (Lie-fetish zandalari and Zandalari Saurcaller) or directly on the ground and then use them on a raptor (who become either nice or bad). Fortunately, these trolls also count towards the Saur Loser quest. It seems that you can only have one fetish in your bags, so every time you get one you have to use it immediately on a raptor.


Save our scouts

19 in 84 pa 50 pc and 250 reputation points with "5.2 Horde"

This last quest is given by Magister Edien Solcreuse, under the protective bubble where the scout captain Elsia is located. He asks us to save the three Sunreaver scouts captured in the Thunder Forge mines and kill Iron Lord Mono-Han. The first difficulty was to find his mines (quest tracking not working yet) which are located just after the raptor area.

To free the scouts, we use the Arcane Emancipator. You have to be out of combat for it to work, not necessarily easy with mogu slave patrols accompanied by his saurok slave (if you kill the master before the slave, the latter becomes friendly and attacks anything he finds, more or less practical since we stay in combat until it dies or no longer finds targets ...). 2 scouts are in the ghostly veins, indoors, I haven't found the last one (Merior).

Without a map, I got lost for a while, wandering through the tunnels railing against the slaves who saw the camouflage until I finally found an exit to the Thunder Forges where Iron Lord Mono-Han patrolled. He is still a villain with 4.7M points of life, to do with several people. It doesn't seem to hurt much at first but it has a killing spell, dealing 50k regular damage (Charged Lightning). Afterwards I was surprised to find stairs, bringing me back to the level of the Direhorn vs Devilsaur quest (we can therefore enter by there).


Normal quests

From the base camp, you also get a normal quest line (yellow):

These quests take you to a valley where it automatically ends when you are transformed into a Saurian of the Grimblade tribe. In addition to being able to talk to other lizards in the area, you get the ability to jump super far using the usual space key. It is not necessarily very easy to master at first, but it is fun!


A second quest, recoverable on the ground, asks to find parts of the Key Master (shoulders, head, staff, hair and torso). It is then necessary to walk throughout the area to discover these elements, which in principle have many places of appearance. So be careful with the small cogwheel that appears on the mini-map, it helps to find the parts. I'm still missing one (the hair) so I don't know the rest!


A third quest can be picked up from a Pandaren, at Jalak's Bestiary (near the middle, right next to the entrance to the new raid) to get Epic Quality Boots, iLvl 476. Immediately when I get it. accepted the quest, it gave me an egg streaked with thunder which therefore validated the quest that I was able to return. IMHO it won't be that easy on the public server!

Here are the two objects in question:



In conclusion, here are some screenshots taken during my progress on this island with a murky atmosphere!

Here is finally the entry of the new raid, being done by a small intermediate airlock:


No doubt there are still other quests, including repeatable ones and follow-ups to normal quests. However, you already have a good overview of this new quest area, you will have to go and discover the rest on the public server, once the deployment of 5.2 has been completed!

Edit 19/01: the portal is now in the Shado-Pan garrison, in the Tanglong steppes

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