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Poseidus is one of the most sought after rare elites. Why will you tell me? Because he gives you a guaranteed mount: the Reins of Poseidus.

However, this frame is much more sought after than the others. This is because the mount is Bind on Equip, which means you can sell it back for a pretty penny at the Auction House!

Poseidus can be found in the Cataclysm region of Vashj'ir at the following locations:

I recommend that you wait at one of the four spawn points in the Shimmering Expanses and do a quick tour every 25 minutes or so to maximize your chances.

Tools to facilitate obtaining the frame

There are several existing add-ons to help you on your journey. These allow you to detect, target and indicate the path of the various rare that are in the region where you are:

  • NPCscan: allows you to detect, target and place a sign on a rare one who is close to you.
  • NPCscan Overlay: displays the paths of the rare ones in the zones.
  • SilverDragon: allows you to detect and announce in the channel of your choice the detected rare and its coordinates, very practical when you are several of the same group to hunt the same rare.

There is nothing more to add other than "Arm yourself with patience!" because, like other mounts of this type, Poseidus only appears two to four times a week. So, whether you are a collector or even a hunter of gold coins for the next WoW Tokens, I wish you good luck in your new adventure!

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