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Tired of scouring Azeroth's dungeons and raids, you've decided to get into PvP but don't know where to start. Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you:

  • Class
  • Equipment
  • Where to practice PvP?



Want to deal melee damage and harass your opponent? You have the choice between 7 classes:

  • The warrior
  • Thief
  • The Paladin Retalts
  • The fierce druid
  • The death knight
  • The shaman improvement
  • The windwalker monk

Would you rather stay away and bombard your target with cruel spells or sharp arrows? You have the choice between 6 classes.

  • The hunter
  • The Wizard
  • The warlock
  • The druid balances
  • The Elemental Shaman
  • The shadow priest

You, your thing is care, avoiding being checked and reviewing the lives of your partners, 4 classes are available to you.

  • The Restoration Druid
  • The Restoration Shaman
  • The discipline or sacred priest
  • The Mistweave Monk

You made your choice, you set up your class to practice, or you used a sesame to get a brand new 90 character: Bravo! But this is only the beginning. As much to say to you that once the maximum level reached, you will not do anything without equipment. But REALLY nothing! The second step is therefore the equipment.



You are therefore officially naked, and it must be remedied. There are two kinds of PvP gear. That of the old season (S14) of level 522 and which is obtained with honor points. And that of the current season (S15) of level 550 and which is obtained with points of conquest. These two pieces of equipment can be purchased from Lion's Redoubt for the Alliance, and Serpent's Spine for the Horde in Pandaria.


How do I get honor points?

Honor Points are earned in small amounts by killing enemies in PvP, but more importantly, they are points that are earned at the end of Random Battlegrounds. About a hundred for a loss, and double for a victory (or even triple if you achieve your first victory of the day). There are 11 battlefields: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Katmogu Temple, Eclargent Mines, Alterac Valley, Battle of Gilneas, Winds Gorge. Cavernous, the island of the Conquerors, the twin peaks and the shore of the ancients.

Another possibility of obtaining these honor points are the battlefields which I will call "event". There are two of them, and they start approximately every 2h30, regardless of the number of players present. In addition, you can obtain weekly quests from NPCs in associated camps, which also grant you honor. These two PvP locations are Tol Barad and Winter's Yoke. They will bring you at least 250 points per victory.

Third possibility to obtain honor points: 3 daily quests located in Northrend. They will earn you 50 honor points each.


Finally, a short quest line starting in front of the Sanctuary of the Two Moons for the Horde, or the Sanctuary of the Seven Stars for the Alliance, will allow you to unlock a PvP area in southern Krasarang. There, you will be able to face 3 non-player characters of rare type which will bring you 200 honor points each, when you kill them (once per day maximum). If they're not there when you arrive, be patient, they have a respawn time of around 30 minutes.

Note that it is also possible to convert your points of justice (PvE) into points of honor (PvP), with an exchange rate of 500 PJ for 250 PH, but the rate being so uninteresting that I advise you not to use it only if you are overwhelmed by points of justice that you no longer know what to do with it.

For honor points, you know everything, so choose the method that suits you, I still think that the best is a mixture of the four: Tol Barad in priority, then the rare NPCs, then the quests, then the fields of battle.

How do I get Conquest Points?

For the points of conquests, there are not 36 solutions, you will obtain them thanks to victories in arena 2 against 2, 3v3 or 5v5, at a rate of a maximum of 1800 points per week, and 180 points per victory .

You will also be able to obtain them in rated battlegrounds, which require registration with a group of 10 players. In rated battlefields, or "RBG", you will get 400 points per victory up to a maximum of 2200 points per week. The rated battlefields have the particularity of sometimes offering points of conquest, even in the event of defeat. Be aware, however, that if you win, you can get more points when you exceed 1550 odds. However, at the beginning, when you have little equipment, I advise you to register and lose on purpose to lower your rating and meet opponents within your reach, which will make it easier to win.

You are now equipped, it is time to get down to business.


Where to practice PvP?


For players playing on a PvP server, this is definitely doable. For players on a PvE server, it's more complicated, but not impossible. If you activate your PvP mode with the / pvp command it is very likely that someone will attack you.

Timeless Island, south of the Jade Forest, often hosts a large number of players, wander there and attack those you can. On the island, if you talk to Spokesperson Gulan (75, 45, you can buy him the Censer of Eternal Agony in Gulan for 2 Timeless Coins. Once used, this will give you a PvP counter. and will reduce your life by 500%. Then hunt other players with this same marker, no matter what faction (including yours), each person you kill in this state will give you a bloody coin which allows you to buy unique items (including a mount).

Micolline in the Valley of the Four Winds is also a popular city for players because of the farm and cooking quests. But watch out for the guards! The Black Market, in the Stolen Staircase, north of the Valley of the Four Winds is often frequented by level 4 players that you can compete with. Finally, with a little courage, you can go in front of or even within enemy capitals to face their defenders.

You can activate your Universal Defense channel with the "/ join universal defense" command, this will let you know anywhere in the world when a city in your faction is attacked. In outdoor pvp, still try to spare players who are not level 90, they have no chance against you, it will not amuse them, and the challenge is still more interesting against an opponent. resistant !

In instantiated PvP

The easiest way to have fun in Instanced PvP is to go to the battlegrounds discussed above. Here you will meet all kinds of players, beginners as well as confirmed, it can be a good way to test things, to measure themselves, to train.

The other type of instantiated PvP is rated PvP. This includes rated arenas and battlegrounds. To do this, you will need to forge links to sign up frequently with players you like and with whom you feel comfortable playing. In this context, each victory increases your personal rating and each defeat brings it down to you. At the end of each season, titles are awarded according to the rating classification of each. In arena, except for the 2v2 format, the first 0,5% of the best players obtain the title of Gladiator. Players in the top 3% gain the title of Duelist. Players within 3 to 10% of the ranking are awarded the Rival rank. And from 10 to 35% we obtain a Competitor grade. In rated battlefields, titles are obtained simply by increasing one's rating. They can be seen in your achievements in the Player vs. Player> Rated Battlegrounds section.

PvP is a very rich and sometimes addicting aspect of World of Warcraft. Choose the style of play you prefer. The important thing is to have fun, and to keep in mind that all of this must remain a fun time, for yourself and for your opponents.

Do not hesitate to explain to us your way of doing PvP in World of Warcraft in order to enrich this article!

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