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With World of Warcraft 7.1, a new version of Karazhan has been released. Obviously, all players were wondering: where is Nightbane, this optional dragon that once appeared on a terrace and can be summoned by having a book to collect beforehand? Users of Wow head have solved the mystery! Translation.



It's all about speed, an 870+ group is recommended. When you enter the instance, you will have the following emote which will appear:

The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air.

This starts the countdown. You then have 8 minutes to get to the opera house and complete the meeting. You can then click on the first soul fragment. This restarts a new countdown, you have 6 new minutes, viewable thanks to the Echo enhancement from Medivh. Now you will have to collect all the Soul Shards, it will add five minutes each time, but don't hang around it's really very fair. Very very fair. There are five:

  1. 1 in the audience at the opera
  2. 1 before the Maiden of Virtue, in a room on the left (no need to kill her)
  3. 1 after killing Moroes (under his platform)
  4. 1 in the spider's room (when you click on the portal on the stairs to go to the menagerie)
  5. 1 after killing the Curator

If you have clicked on all the soul fragments within the time limit, you gain the Presence of Medivh buff, then you have 5 minutes to return to the terrace of Nightbane, on the outer rampart (at level of the ramp to access the Curator) and speak to Medivh to begin the summoning.

Along the way, you get the achievement A Night in Karazhan. The original cutscene of the Summon of Nightbane will then play and the dragon will arrive. A good thing: once it is there, there is no longer any notion of time. You can die as many times as necessary for your victory and obtaining this magnificent mount:

On the contrary, if you fail, you will get the notification:

The air grows slightly warmer



The meeting looks like the original. You will notably have the terrible Charred Earth zone. He has a ground phase in which he will use the following abilities: Mighty Roar, Soul Ignite, Shadow Reflection, Slam Tail, and Ash Breath. In the air, he casts Bone Rain and Jagged Shards. You'll also have to deal with the adds he summons that cast Absorb Vitality, or the restless bones created from Burning Bones.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

To have room, it is advisable to start Plaie-de-nuit near one of the edges and then move towards the center.

  • The tank must turn the dragon because it will blow in a cone in its direction. You must also pay attention to its tail to limit the damage.
  • He'll place damage zones on ranged DPS and healers, Scorched Earth. You should of course not stay in it.
  • There will be adds, so you have to arrange for the boss to always be in the zones to benefit from the damage.
  • Soulfire deals damage based on the amount of health of the player hit. Staying in Charred Earth is then a good idea!

This phase begins at 50% of his health points, the boss is then in the air and always inflicts Charred Earth. It is better to get rid of this phase quickly so keep your heroism (and others) for this phase!

  • a large skeleton will arrive, its death decides the end of the phase.
  • small skeletons kill each other with zones.
  • healers should especially not dispel Burning Bones as this will bring in other skeletons. You just have to heal the damage inflicted.

This phase is identical to the first except that there are the disadvantages associated with the second phase. It is common to lose the tank at this point, healers should be prepared to let go their maximum to keep it alive. In order to avoid the impact of the zones on the ground, it is possible to go without the opposite direction of phase 1.



The loot is from 875, with relics, trinket, and trinkets that have more power when a Karazhan breastplate is equipped:

  • Bijou
  • Torsos: Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness, Hauberk of Nebulous Intuition, Robe of Ancestral Chronicles, Harness of Overwhelming Betrayal. These torsos therefore increase the effect of Karazhan jewelry by 30%.
  • Artifact Relics:
    • Arcane: Talisman of the Crimson Eye
    • Blood: Bones of the Restless
    • Gangrefer : Domination nécrotique
    • Fire: Incendiary Embers
    • Frost: Scale of Arcanagos
    • Sacred: Glimpse of the Hereafter
    • Iron: Star of Petty Malevolence
    • Life: Animation ritual
    • Shadow: Nightmares of the Dead
    • Storm: Sound insanity


Do not hesitate to share your tips in the comments if you have already defeated Nightbane in this new version of Karazhan!

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