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In a tweet sent yesterday, Chris G. Robinson (Senior Art Director) indicated that there will be new models revealed soon:

Hope to have update and new visuals for you all at beginning of new year-new stuff is looking even better than what we've already shown!

- Chris G. Robinson (@artofcgrobinson) December 23, 2013

On this occasion, MMO-Champion has compiled various recent interventions about breed models. Let's see what we learn there:

  • adding beards for elves and humans would be a good idea,
  • the modification of the human model will impact the human aspect of the worgen,
  • new options for facial hair are on the list, but no deadline yet,
  • they would like to update a lot of old armor. They discussed race specific armor to replace gear when leveling up. It's all about compromise.
  • other poses are planned for the orcs to get away from the peon.

  • they discuss hairstyle options, which to put on or redo.
  • they would like to offer sub-races for players (orc mag'har, dark iron dwarf), it's on the list but it's not a priority.
  • they're going to do their best to offer more face options, or at least equalize the options (4 for taurene, 16 for human).
  • they will see if it is possible to add longer tails to the Draenei. It is not won with the current skeleton. Maybe in the new version.
  • they think about lifting the limitation of fixed collars.

  • currently, the secondary hands are not visible except when drawing.
  • it is difficult to ensure that the tabards are compatible with the design of the dresses.
  • the new models have been completely modeled, including the feet (which can be seen when not wearing boots). Trolls will appreciate it.
  • skeletons displayed at death will also benefit from this update.
  • they are studying different avenues for resolving the issue of hands in gloves. Still in development.
  • the Ghost Wolf (Shaman) form requires a good facelift.
  • gender-related transformations were discussed, these transformations already being race specific.

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