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Here and there you have certainly encountered rare enemies in Pandaria before. To spot them, I recommend the excellent _NPCScan add-on which will warn you as soon as you pass near one of them and place a symbol, helping to locate it.

I'm starting this new series with Korda Torros, an elite 88 in Ordo Camp at Kun-Lai Summit:

He has 3 notable abilities. He uses if he can the first, dazzling assault, from the start of the fight (unless you charge him before or are already in contact with him). He then alternates between roar of rage and yaungol trampling. These are the only dangerous things, otherwise he does not hit hard. Contact classes may therefore have difficulty doing it alone because of course you do not have to stay close to it when it tramples the ground.

This rare is particularly interesting for all players who like to farm (look for resources) because it occasionally gives (at 10% according to Wowhead) Forager gloves which reduce the time taken to gather a resource by 1.5 seconds for the butchering, herbalism and mining. Note that this does not add to the racial talents of tauren (herbalism) or worgen (skinning), the time cannot be less than 0.5 seconds.

And it is totally useless for other professions! Perfectionists will definitely add an Ench. gloves (harvester) to make it perfect! Do you already have this object in your collection?

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