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In 5.2 comes a new rare, with 5 spawn locations near water: the Zandalari Warbringer. Location, abilities, loot, escort and achievements of this new enemy.


Here is a map of the locations, made by MMOChampion:

  • Steppes de Tanglong: 36, 88
  • Dread Wastes: 47, 60
  • Krasarang Wilds: 39, 66
  • the Jade Forest: 52, 17
  • Kun-Lai Summit: 75, 62



It's a mini-boss, with 21M hit points, mounted on a dinosaur. Planned for a group, I did however see a death knight get there alone, without difficulty (it just took a good 10 minutes). But others (like me, with my thief, a single blow taking away 100k points of life) will prefer to form a classic group, just to survive.

He uses various skills depending on the upgrades he has on him:

  • Terrifying Face: Fear spell on a target.
  • Meteor flood: large meteorites fall from the sky, you must of course not stay at the point of impact.
  • Vengeful Spirit: Summon Vengeful Spirits (with 4M hit points)
  • Scarab Swarm: Summon Scarabs (40k health)
  • Thunder Crush: Cone of damage in front of him



According to database sites (especially wowhead), he has various cool things in stock:

  • bags: Small Zandalari Supply Bag or Large Zandalari Supply Bag containing crafting components and money
  • badges to increase their reputation by 1000 points: Pandashan, Klaxxi or Golden Lotus.
  • mounts: Reins of the Amber Primal Direhorn, Reins of the Jade Primal Direhorn or Reins of the Slate Primal Direhorn

Other frames of this type are available:

  • Reins of the Cobalt Primal Direhorn in Oondasta
  • Reins of the Golden Primal Direhorn: Kirin Tor Offensive (Exalted)
  • Reins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn: Sunreaver Assault (Exalted)



Never far away are two other unrelated NPCs:

  • a Silentstrike Wing Pterror, a level 90 elite dinosaur with 1.9M health. It's always right next to the Warbringer (handy for locating the location).
  • a Zandalari War Scout, a rare level 90 patrolling the area with 5.2M health. It preferably uses the roads.

As much the first is ultra easy (but brings nothing), as much the second is beefier with 3 abilities of the Warbringer. To solo it, you have to be able to heal yourself, otherwise it's a waste of time! The loot is there however, it gives exactly like the warbringer (except the mount)



A new achievement, You Wanted to See Zul and we saw Zul asks to kill 10 Zandalari War Scouts and 5 Zandalari Warbrands for 10 points in the Exploration, Pandaria category.


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