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With the new expansion, ten new reputations have arrived, all with their stewards and their bundle of rewards. AtlasLoot is very useful to take stock of which faction has which piece of equipment necessary for your optimization but it is not always easy to find your way there even if in each sanctuary, of each faction, emissaries indicate how to help as well as the location of the steward of each reputation.

Here are the different factions, for each I indicate the location of the steward, the presence (or not) of repeatable quests and a brief description of the items offered.

  • Golden lotus
  • The Klaxxi
  • Order of the Cloud Serpent
  • The Venerable Stars
  • Pandashan
  • The black prince
  • The Anglers
  • The Plowmen
  • The Chroniclers
  • Forest Hozen and Pearlfin Jinyu

Note that for 2 days, as announced on the forum here, reputation prerequisites have been removed on certain blue 358 quality items in order to facilitate access to heroic dungeons with the group search tool.


Golden lotus

This mysterious Pandaren society seeks to solve the mogu problem once and for all.

Jaluu the Generous, the steward of the Golden Lotus, can be found at Mogu'Shan Palace, on the rotunda in the middle of the small lake, in front of the Vale of Eternal Spring.

Repeatable quests can be found just west of the Quartermaster and start at the Golden Pagoda. Once these first quests are finished, a quest will take you to a second destination among 5 (Lac Blanc-Pétale, ruins of Guo-Lai, the Golden Staircase ...). As you progress through this reputation, you unlock quests and other reputations:

  • Honoré: The Secrets of Guo-Lai Giving a 440 Blue Ring
  • Revered: Continuation of the quest, ending with the Thunder King's Battle Ax offering a 436 breastplate. In addition, once Revered, you can access the Shado-Pan and Venerable Stars quests
  • Exalted: Quest continuation, ending with Ultimate Power, granting an Epic Necklace 489.

He sells several items per class, of blue quality (level 458), for justice points, not requiring a reputation level:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Stitch
  • Plates
  • Neck
  • Bijou

1250 justice points

  • Bracers of Eternal Resolve
  • Cuffs of tranquility

1750 justice points

  • Sure Hand Grips
  • Roving Monk's Gloves

2250 justice points

  • Leggings of Twisting Vines
  • Snow covered godillots

1250 justice points

  • Bracers of Inner Light
  • Serrated arm guards

1250 justice points

  • Pendant of the Infinite Inquisition
  • Swirling Mist Amulet
  • Gorget of Usurped Kings
  • Jade pearl necklace
  • Chain of the Triumphant Conqueror

1750 justice points

  • Mogu Rune of Paralysis

Other items can be purchased for Valor and are Epic Quality (489): Honored Rings (1250) and Revered Shoulders (1750) and Torsos (2250). Exalted, in addition to the tabard, it offers 3 mounts: Azure Riding Crane Reins (400 gp), Regal Riding Crane Reins (1k2 gp), and Golden Riding Crane Reins (2k gp).

The leather workers will find 11 bosses (honored):

  • Pattern: Wildblood Vest
  • Pattern: Wildblood Gloves
  • Pattern: Chestguard of Earthly Harmony
  • Pattern: Gloves of Earthly Harmony
  • Pattern: Chestguard of Gray Shadow
  • Pattern: Gloves of the Gray Shadow
  • Pattern: Gloves of the Guardian of Life
  • Pattern: Robe of the Guardian of Life
  • Pattern: Ironscale Leg Armor
  • Pattern: Shadowleather Leg Armor
  • Pattern: Coverall Leg Armor

The dressmakers will also find their happiness with these 6 bosses (honored):

  • Pattern: Gloves of Creation
  • Pattern: Creation dress
  • Pattern: Gloves of Spellbinding
  • Pattern: Large Spellbinding Robe
  • Pattern: Greater Cerulean Enchanted Thread
  • Pattern: Superior Pearly Enchanted Thread
In addition, the ultimate exalted quest (The Ultimate Power) grants a 489 neck after an epic boss fight that might give you a hard time!



The Klaxxi

These ancient mantids were spared the corruption and madness that swept away the rest of the mantid swarm. They attempt to work together with the races of Pandaria to restore their queen to her former glory.

Amber Blacksmith Zikk, the Quartermaster of the Klaxxi can be found in Klaxxi'vess, in the midst of the Dread Lands.

Repeatable quests can be found all around him. There are also 3 other quests depending on the quest location:

  • Gurthan Terrace
  • Brine Mud (Zan'vess)
  • Heart of Fear

He sells 1 item per class, of blue quality (level 458), for justice points, not requiring a reputation level:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Stitch
  • Plates

1750 justice points

  • Emperor's Riding Gloves
  • Krompf Precision Tuning Gloves

1250 justice points

  • Bracers of Sudden Clairvoyance
  • Bracers of Cruel Mercy

1250 justice points

  • Wristguards of the Buried Traitor
  • Infiltration Wristguards

2250 justice points

  • Chestplate of the Stone Lion
  • Chestplate of inner serenity

Other items can be purchased for Valor and are Epic Quality (489): Honored Necklaces (1250) and Revered Belts (1750) and Leggings (2250). Exalted, in addition to the tabard, it offers 1 mount: amber scorpion reins (8k gp) and weapons:

  • Klaxxi'vess Amber Merlin
  • Amber Sword of Klaxxi'vess
  • Klaxxi'vess Amber Flame
  • Klaxxi'vess amber saber
  • Klaxxi'vess Amber Scythe
  • Klaxxi'vess Amber Sprayer
  • Klaxxi'vess Amber Slicer
  • Amber Spear of Klaxxi'vess
  • Spicy amber from Klaxxi'vess

The  blacksmiths will find 11 bosses (honored):

  • Plans: Ancient Steel Breastplate
  • Plans: Ancient Steel Gauntlets
  • Plans: Masterblade Decimator
  • Plans: Phantom Reaver's Breastplate
  • Plans: Phantom Reaver Gauntlets
  • Plans: Living Steel Breastplate
  • Plans: Living Steel Gauntlets
  • Plans: Ghost Iron Shield Spike
  • Plans: Living Steel Belt Buckle
  • Plans: Living Steel Strap
  • Plans: Ornate Forge Wire Ax
  • Plans: Ornate Phantom Shard
  • Plans: Ghost Forged Ornate Blade
  • Plans: Crafted Phantasmal Hammer

Additionally, the ultimate Exalted Quest (Shadow of the Empire) grants a ring 489.


Stewards always sell small items, unnecessary but essential. For the Klaxxi, it is revitalizing amber, allowing to save his life in the event of a hard blow.

In addition, by talking to some Klaxxi, you will be able to get buffs, which only work in the region:

  • Malik the Unworthy: Keep ironing
  • Kil'ruk the Wind Reaver: Angel of Death
  • Xaril the Poisoned Spirit: Rain of Blood
  • Iyyokuk the Lucid: Silent Lucidity
  • Rik'kal the Dissector: Children of the Tomb
  • Ka'roz the Locust: King of Speed
  • Hisek the Guardian of the Swarm: Targeted Strike
  • Skeer the Bloodseeker: Battle Anthem
  • Korven the First: Painkiller
  • Kaz'tik the Manipulator: Puppeteer



Order of the Cloud Serpent

Guardians of the Eastern Temple

San Ruby Scales, the Quartermaster of the Order of the Cloud Serpent can be found far east at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.

There are many repeatable quests that are taken directly around the Quartermaster, allowing you to grow within the faction. These quests revolve around a serpent's egg, which hatches, grows, matures into a large jade cloud serpent. A race course allows you to ride your snake companion and fly through the clouds in the sky race:

The rules of the race by the instructor Lame du Vent

Your cloud serpent is approaching, Onidra. When you're ready, step on it and we'll get started. The students of our order put their speed to the test in an aerial competition known as the Sky Race. I will teach you the rules of this race. Follow me ! As the exercise progresses, I will go faster and faster. Try to follow.

I will guide you with this rope. If you stray too far it will break and I will have to start the exercise again. If you stray too far, I'll warn you. If you continue despite this, I will have to eliminate you.

Do you see the pennants hanging right above our heads? These flags mark the speed race. If you ever get lost, they will serve as your guide.

Scattered among the arrows are ten hot air balloons or checkpoints. We are just in the process of passing one. In the real race, you will have to pass through each of the racing flags to validate the checkpoint. You have to go through all 10 checkpoints before you can complete the race. The flags indicate the route of the circuit, but finding another route will not be penalized. You might find other faster paths.

I showed you part of the circuit. Now let's go see the finish line. Follow me ! Remember that in a real race you will be against the other recruits in the order. The stakes will be high. The faster you are, the greater the reward.

This is the finish line. When you have passed the 10 checkpoints, go below to validate your ranking.

And that's all for our lesson.


Once revered, San offers items to play with his snake: Cloud Ring, Finish Line, Floating Finish Line, Floating Racing Flag, and Racing Flag. When exalted, in addition to the tabard, it offers 3 mounts for 2k4: Jade Cloud Serpent Reins, Golden Cloud Serpent Reins, or Jade Cloud Serpent Reins. Be careful, do not rush too much before buying your mount: the ultimate faction quest gives you the mount corresponding to the egg you have chosen as well as the flight license for this very special mount!

The jewelers will find 5 drawings:

  • Design: Jade Panther (Honored)
  • Design: Sunstone Panther (Honored)
  • Design: Ruby Panther (Revered)
  • Design: Sapphire Panther (Revered)
  • Design: Jeweled Onyx Panther (Exalted)


The Venerable Stars

These brave Pandaren protect the temples of Pandaria from the evil shas.

The Stewards of the Venerable Stars can be found on the ground floors of the respective Horde and Alliance shrines. In the Sanctuary of the Two Moons you will find the Sage Lotus Flower while in the Sanctuary of the Seven Stars you will find the wise White Heart.

Repeatable quests can only be accessed once revered at the Golden Lotus and take place in 4 temples in 4 regions: at the Temple of the Jade Serpent to the east in the Jade Forest, at the Temple of the Red Crane to the south in the wilderness at the White Tiger Temple to the north at the top of Kun-Lai and at the Niuzao Temple to the west in the Tanglong Steppes. They sell several items per class, of blue quality (level 458), for justice points, not requiring a reputation level:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Stitch
  • Plates
  • Cape

2250 justice points

  • Leggings of Unfinished Conquest
  • Subversive Leggings

2250 justice points

  • Habit of the Ascendant Tribe
  • Renovated Zandalari habit

2250 justice points

  • Ringmail Breastplate of the Mountain Stream
  • Brushstalker Chestpiece

2250 justice points

  • Leggings of Moderate Progress
  • Valiant's Knee Pads

1250 justice points

  • Cloak of Ancient Curses
  • Cloak of the Silent Mountain
  • Bladesong Cape
  • Cloak of pressed flowers
  • Ribsbreaker cloak

Other items can be purchased for Valor and are Epic Quality (489): Honored Bracers (1250) and Revered Boots (1750) and Hands (1250). Exalted, in addition to the tabard, he offers 1 mount: Thundering Venerable Cloud Serpent Reins (1k gp).

The  enchanting will find 3 formulas (revered):

  • Formula: Enchant Bracers - Terrific Intellect
  • Formula: Enchant Bracers - Greater Agility
  • Formula: Enchant Bracers - Exceptional Strength

The couturiers will find a patron (exalted):

  • Pattern: Royal Satchel


Stewards always sell small items, unnecessary but essential. For the wise men of the Venerable Stars, it is a celestial offering, asking to be honored and offering an improvement depending on where we are:
  • Blessing of the Jade Serpent
  • Blessing of the Red Crane
  • Blessing of the Black Ox
  • Blessing of the White Tiger




Enigmatic protectors of the temples of Pandaria, the Pandashan are shrouded in mystery.

Rushi the Fox, the Shado-Pan Quartermaster, can be found at the Shado-Pan Garrison, west of Townlong Steppes.

Repeatable quests can only be accessed once revered at the Golden Lotus. Rushi sells several items per class, of blue quality (level 458), for justice points, not requiring a reputation level:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Stitch
  • Plates
  • Flat band rings
  • Bijou

2250 justice points

  • Robe of Tranquil Meditation
  • Robe of the Eternal Dynasty

2250 justice points

  • Armed Mushanskin Leggings
  • Brambleguard Leggings

1750 justice points

  • Brushcutter gloves
  • Gloves of Forgotten Wisdom

1750 justice points

  • Wallbreaker Gauntlet
  • Gauntlets of Shackles

1250 justice points

  • Thunderstone ring
  • Engraved gold bangle
  • Seal of the sorcerer king
  • Signet of the sleeping emperor
  • Dancing Crane Mark

1750 justice points

  • Shado-Pan Dragon Rifle

The rest of the items can be purchased for Valor points and are of epic quality (489): Honored Cloaks (1250) and Revered Helmets (2250) and Jewels (1750). A exalted, in addition to the tabard, it offers 3 mounts: Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins (400 gp), Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins (1k2 gp) and Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins (2k gp).

The  enchanting will find 3 formulas (revered):

  • Formula: enchant weapon - Dance of Steel
  • Formula: enchant weapon - melody of the river
  • Formula: enchant weapon - Jade Spirit


Stewards always sell small items, unnecessary but essential. For the Shado-Pan, these are 3 items to train in the monk's combat methods:
  • Bamboo stack
  • Pile of stone blocks
  • Pile of wooden planks

In addition, once exalted, there are 4 helmets (cloth, leather, mesh, plate), without stat, used for transmogrification.



The black prince

Irion the Black Prince is the last of the Black Dragons. He is said to richly rewards those who earn his trust and support his efforts.

This faction is a bit special in that there is no steward or repeatable quest but a quest line offering (for the moment) a gem of legendary quality.

It all begins with the quest in a foreign land that brings together Wrathion, the black prince at the Tavern in the Mists, in the Veiled Staircase, a tiny region wedged between the Vale of Eternal Spring and the Jade Forest.

Once the introductions with the prince are made, two legendary quests are available:

  • The trial of the black prince asking to be honored by the prince's faction
  • The strength of his enemies asking to bring back 2x 10 items from raid bosses

These quests completed, the sequel asks to go and kill the sha of fear, in the Spring Terrace raid (fear incarnate) before finally obtaining the famous gems (the breath of the black prince). Might as well get started now because there is no doubt that these quests will have a sequel!

In order to gain reputation with the prince outside of raids, you have to kill level 90 mantids and Mogu. You will certainly come across them while doing your other daily quests. However, to speed things up, know that a tip is given on Wowhead: there is an island called Dao Shan'Ze, east of the Townlong Steppes, where there are particularly profitable Shan'ze illusionists (1.96M). and doable alone: ​​this nice villain makes 4 illusions appear, each giving 10 or 11 reputation points, himself giving 31 or 32 points ... A quick addition: 74 per illusionist, it's a gift.


The Anglers

Anglers are a group of Pandaren fishermen who wish to feed their people and increase their fishing knowledge.

Nat Pagle, the Phishers' Quartermaster, can be found southeast of the Krasarang Wilds, at the Phishing Wharf.

Repeatable quests can be found at the Anglers' Wharf, related to the fishing profession. Friendly, Nat offers two recipes: Krasarang fritters and recipe: pincétau soup. Honored, he offers a mascot (tiny goldfish) and a pandaren fishing rod. Revered he sells a Dragon Fishing Rod (400 gp), a Sharp Rohart Spear (1k2 gp) and the indispensable Anglers Fishing Raft (800 gp). Finally, once exalted, Nat offers, in addition to the tabard, 1 mount: azure aquatic trotter reins (4k gp).

At the same time, Nat has his own reputation (in the manner of the Ploughmen) which is raised by offering him special fish for 500 reputation points:

  • Gourami flying tiger
  • Chameleon octopus
  • Alpha hedgehogfish

These are green fish that, once caught, give Nat a quest:

Revered, he sells his Nat's Fishing Log (read this log to permanently increase your fishing skill by 50, up to a maximum of 600) and Nat's Hat.


The Plowmen

Plowmen are peaceful, hardworking Pandaren who cultivate the land to satisfy the hungry appetites of their people.

Gina Griffe de Tourbe, the landlady of the plowmen, is in the village of Micolline, in the middle of the valley of the 4 winds.

Daily quests are all around Gina, including the farm quest line, related to the kitchen profession. Revered, Gina offers a Pandaren Scarecrow. You have to be elated to buy all the other items: the tabard, the 3 mounts (reins of a brown riding goat, reins of a black riding goat and reins of a white riding goat) and two useless and therefore essential items (set of Gin knives Ji and sepulchral).

The cooks will find 2 cooking recipes (exalted):

  • Recipe: Spicy Vegetable Chips
  • Recipe: Spicy salmon

The quests of this faction give, in addition, a specific currency, the mark of Iron Paw, which allows you to buy items related to the kitchen profession in Nam Iron Paw, also in the village of Hiccup. Without needing Reputation, you can buy Cooking Components (One Hundred Years Old Soy Sauce, Rice Flour, and Black Pepper), Super Cook's Set, increasing Cooking by 10 (Frying Pan, Rolling Pin and apron), bags containing meat, fish or vegetables and finally unnecessary objects (kitchen school bell and reversible table). At the same time, there are also the 10 reputations of farmers to build, for more information on this, I invite you to read my guide: plowmen: your future friends.


The Chroniclers

Guardians of the mysteries of Pandaria, these brave souls roam the continent, hoping to learn from their history.

Tan Shin Tiao, the steward of the chroniclers, is in the Mogu'shan Palace, on the left, upstairs, above the entrance to the instance.

This faction is aimed at explorers and archaeologists and is assembled by discovering monuments, linked to achievements. An inventory has been made on Wowhead which I advise you as well as this video (even if it is in English, just follow the guide).

Once exalted with the Chroniclers, Tan Shin Tiao sells a Red Flying Cloud Disc mount (480 gp) and two archeology items, a Chronicler's Card and Chronicler's Magnetite.

Across the room, Ms. Thai gives a repeatable archeology quest (don't expect to gain reputation with chroniclers, she doesn't). If you are level 600 in archeology, Brann Bronzebeard (right next to Mrs. Thai) sells Fragment Crates for Restored Artifacts, obtained by replenishing Mogu or Pandaren items.


Forest Hozen and Pearlfin Jinyu

Hozen: A fiery and violent ape people with a short lifespan

Jinyu: A pisciform, reserved and methodical people.

These two reputations rise on their own during quests in the Jade Forest, the first for the Hordid characters, the second for the Alliance characters. In both cases, in the end, it allows you to get Bubble, a goldfish.


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