WoW - Scenario: Crypt of Forgotten Kings

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This scenario, intended for 3 characters of level 90, offers 4 phases and takes place in a Mogu crypt.

  • Phase 1: End the Terror
  • Phase 2: The Pool of Life
  • Phase 3: Search the crypts
  • Last phase: Destroy the sha


Phase 1

When we arrive in the crypt, the first mission is to defeat the Shado-Pan chief. For my part, after killing a few groups of 3 vengeful Sha, I had to kill Jin Iron Fist, a monk but maybe there are other leaders? He is really not very strong (5.5M hit points). His main ability is flying snake slash which causes him to jump into the air on a party member. He's also supposed to set a target (relentless) but I haven't seen him do that.

By the way, as in all Mogu buildings, notice the runes on the ground. They are all to be avoided (lightning trap ..) because they inflict damage, except the green (with an arrow) which is a heal zone (since you may not have a healer in your group, do not hesitate to abuse it).


Phase 2

Once the Guardian is dead, set off to purify the Sha Corruption Life Pool. It's simple, get into the water and kill all the little essences of hatred (39 life points) that arrive until the gauge is full. Some area damage and that's a settled story. These little sha inflict an improvement (or not) called uncontrolled anger which allows with the 394 charges to inflict 20% more damage ... but also to suffer 60% more! It's up to you to see if you are sufficiently well equipped and organized to afford it.


Phase 3

Retrace your steps and plunge into the depths of the crypt to search the lower level. A few crypt keepers (per pair, 2M hit points each) will block your way, nothing too bad if you dodge the runes on the ground properly. At the back, you will find a treasure urn guarded by two Quilen statues (393.9 health points each).

Go down the balcony, kill the Quilen protectors (393.9 health points each) and the last phase engages in the stairs.


Phase 4

Before the last boss, the Abomination of Anger, you will find offspring of anger (which, I recall, apply uncontrolled anger). Take advantage of it or wait 30 seconds to lose the charges to kill the boss, do not forget before the two hateful monstrosity (2.4M of life points each) which guard the boss on each side (you can only kill one if you don't think agro by chance the second).

The boss is really weak and dies very quickly with his 5.9M health points. Think about getting out of his cloud of anger, interrupting his breath of hatred and fleeing when he casts death force combined with change-the soul (it's not difficult, a big red circle clearly symbolizes the area at risk) .


It's a trap ! : walking on a trap on the ground (even if it's not good!).

Nice Footwork: Defeat the Abomination of Wrath without any party member taking damage from the Red Clouds.


Well done, the crypt is delivered from the Sha! This guide closes the chapter of scenarios offered at the launch of Mists of Pandaria (finally!).

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